Album Review: Grave Lines – Fed into the Nihilist Engine (NHS)

NHS will release the second album by London/Brighton heavy contingent Grave Lines. Titled ‘Fed into the Nihilist Engine’ it will be released on double vinyl, cd and download on 4th May 2018.

Lyrically introspective, dark and challenging, vocalist Jake Harding states:

“The album is an exploration into our relationship with negativity. The Nihilist Engine is symbolic of our greatest flaw and the self defeating nature of our species. This machine represents both the inner turmoil of the human spirit and our struggle to understand the darkness spreading from external forces. Self perpetuating and infectious, these feelings contaminate and spread. A relentless machine drawing us in and chewing up our poisoned remains.”

Grave Lines 1

An intro of sombre guitar tones and dour vocals eventually gives way to dark riffs and a heftier punch in the bass and drums. The vocals of Failed Skin get heavier and more desperate sounding ensuring this is a start that leaves an immediate impression.

Grave Lines immense ability to drift between darkened gothic melody and heavy metal makes Fed into the Nihilist Engine a hell of a listen. The contrast between Shame/Retreat, Self-Mutilation by Fire and Stone and Loss/Betrayal is night and day but works so well.

When delivering riff heavy, growling vocal numbers like Silent Salt and The Greae, Grave Lines prove themselves to be up there with the best in modern metal.

In fact, look no further than the final track, The Nihilist Engine as a statement of just what this band can do. One of the best tracks this year on one of the best albums this year so far.

Grave Lines – Fed into the Nihilist Engine Full Track Listing:

1. Failed Skin
2. Shame/Retreat
3. Self Mutilation by Fire and Stone
4. Loss/Betrayal
5. Silent Salt
6. Loathe/Displace
7. The Greae
8. Guilt/Regret
9. The Nihilist Engine

You can pick up the Vinyl/CD versions here and digitally via Apple Music here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page and check out the video for The Nihilist Engine below.

Grave Lines - Fed into the Nihilist Engine (NHS)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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