EP Review: Grave Bathers – Feathered Serpent/Death Hand (Seeing Red Records)

Heavy riffs spewn from a North Philly Funeral Parlour, Grave Bathers will release their new 2-track EP on February 28th 2020 via Seeing Red Records.

In their own words:

We all grew up on The Mars Volta and Thin Lizzy alike and continue to nerd out over music history, compilation albums and 70s hard rock style. We are constantly sharing playlists with one another, studying mythology, and most importantly, we all drop acid and worship the devil.

Dripping in hazy psychedelic rock atmosphere with riffs weighted in doom, Grave Bathers bring sleazy and sexy encouragement with their two-track release. The slow moving rhythm has the feel of the eldrtitch about it and it’s very easy to conjure up imagery of rituals of witchcraft and devil worshipping.

When the pace does quicken, it becomes that bit more frenzied and all the more dangerous sounding.

The riffs aren’t the only thing about this EP that stands out though. A sultry set of vocals that have a commanding power to them and a percussion section that puts the stamp on everything being laid out elsewhere. Wickedly fun stuff.

Grave Bathers – Feathered Serpent/Death Hand Full Track Listing:

1. Feathered Serpent
2. Death Hand






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Grave Bathers - Feathered Serpent/Death Hand (Seeing Red Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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