EP Review: Dead Man’s Chest – Dear God (Upstate Records)

It’s a new decade, and a new chance to make classics. In the eyes of London metallic hardcore crew Dead Man’s Chest, these include Reign in Blood, Burn My Eyes, and Perseverance, and it’s on these pillars and more that the band stake their thrash-meets-hardcore claim. The quintet have been busy in their fourteen-year existence, with several releases and high-profile tours with the likes of Cro-Mags, Sick of It All, Madball, Integrity and more to their name. Now, it’s time to kick off 2020 with a short sharp shock of a release entitled Dear God, whose striking artwork paints an accurate picture of the caustic content within.

Dear God will be released on 7″ vinyl (Gold, Half Gold/Half Black and Classic Black) on February 28th 2020 via Upstate Records.

Spitting, snarling and vomiting nothing but the most extreme of metalcore/deathcore, Dead Man’s Chest two-track offering is the personification of malice. The band’s intentions clear, they want to leave you curled up in a ball begging for the beating to stop. No such luck though, as Dear God gets right in your face. Aggressive? That’s an understatement.

United States of Me isn’t any more chill but that’s a good thing. The chunky riffing, the weight of the drums and the ferocity shown in the vocals is so damn addictive. Class!

Dead Man’s Chest – Dear God Full Track Listing:

1. Dear God
2. United States of Me


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Dead Man's Chest - Dear God (Upstate Records)
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