Album Review: Degrave – Degrave (Self Released)

While trends come and go and certain styles seem ephemeral in their passing, thrash metal will never die. Missouri’s Degrave play thrash metal, pushing themselves to break the levels set on their debut ‘Full Tilt’. Their self-titled follow-up will be released on July 27th 2018.

Degrave 2

Speeding riffs, earth shattering solos and a tempo that is set at a constant high. Degrave’s brand of thrash is a mix of classic and modern creating a listening experience that is all levels of hard, dirty and crunchy.

A feral start with Telegraft leads into Ascension, a track that shows off a bit imagination with effortless tempo shifts. All You Need then follows with a startling level of meaty thrashness before Tortured howls and roars like a wounded beast.

It may not always be the most inspiring of metal but what Degrave do here is deliver a seriously enjoyable pummelling. Get out the old patch jacket, leather trousers and limber up your horn-throwing arm as Shades of Black, The Hollow Watcher and Grander Grandeur move at an insane pace.

A excellent take on a sub-genre that is still proving to have a lot of life left in it closes out with Hatriot and its amazing bass heavy intro.

Degrave 1

Degrave – Degrave Full Track Listing:

1. Telegraft
2. Ascension
3. All You Need
4. Tortured
5. New World Disorder
6. Inside Looking Out
7. Shades of Black
8. The Hollow Watcher
9. Grander Grandeur
10. Hatriot

Find out more and pick up the album and merchandise via Degrave’s website. You can also pick up the debut album on Bandcamp, support them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Degrave - Degrave (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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