Album Review: Pennywise – Never Gonna Die (Epitaph)

Punk icons Pennywise have released their 12th album, Never Gonna Die. The 14-track album is also their first full length album with new songs for over a decade.

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They might have been out of the punk game for a while but you wouldn’t know that by listening to Never Gonna Die. The opening title track kicks things off in perfect punk style before building on early Pennywise’s style of energetic beats and fast guitars.

Highlights include the catchy Keep Moving On, the roaring We Set Fire, the reflective Can’t be Ignored and the punchy Won’t give Up the Fight.

They hardly put a foot wrong though and this can easily be called their best work for at least a decade. Making a punk album sound relevant in 2018 is no easy task but with lyrical content surrounding personal issues and the social climate, Pennywise do a decent job of it.

The formula is pretty standard but credit to the band for still sounding powerful after nearly 30 years. Long-time fans will really enjoy Never Gonna Die even if it is unlikely to win them many new fans.

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Pennywise – Never Gonna Die Full Track Listing:

1. Never Gonna Die
2. American Lies
3. Keep Moving On
4. Live While You Can
5. We Set Fire
6. She Said
7. Can’t be Ignored
8. Goodbye Bad Times
9. A Little Hope
10. Won’t Give Up the Fight
11. Can’t Save You Now
12. All the Ways U Can Die
13. Listen
14. Something New

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Never Gonna Die is out now and you can stream it via all major services including Apple Music below.

Pennywise - Never Gonna Die (Epitaph)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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