Album Review: Black Crucifixion – Triginta (Seance Records)

Séance Records proudly presents a special anniversary album from Black Crucifixion, Triginta, on CD and cassette tape formats. Celebrating 30 years of Black Crucifixion, Triginta features three new tracks and carefully chosen live versions of their material throughout the three decades of their career.

Says founding vocalist/guitarist Forn:

When we started, the thought that we would still be relevant 30 years later seemed absurd. But as the times we live in the western culture have reached new levels of absurdity, we seem to have our own small mission going stronger than ever. Satan is the Adversary, and there is more to oppose now than in 1991.

A wall of noise comes crashing down as Triginta starts off in explosive fashion with Night Birds Fall Upon You. Though the track settles quickly and a combination of searing riffs, pulping percussion and blackened, throaty vocals take control. The primordial edge of this opener is the perfect encapsulation of what 30 years sounds like.

Faster and less refined but just as thrilling, Beyond Linkola burns as brightly as hellfire. Whereas Throneburner is a meaty bout of head-banging riffage. These three new tracks showing that Black Crucifixion are still going as strong as ever.

The rest of the album is a select cut of live recordings spread across Black Crucifixion’s career.

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The 2006 debut full-length sees Frailest, As Black as the Roses (as Weak as My Smile) and Wrath Without Hate get an airing. 2011’s Hope of Retaliation is featured with the tracks Bitten by the Long Frosts of Life and Retaliation. With the album wrapped up with the self-titled track from their 1992 demo. It’s not as comprehensive as many might like it to be (several albums are missing) but it is a hefty selection and more importantly, each sounds immense.

Black Crucifixion – Triginta Full Track Listing:

1. Night Birds Fall Upon You
2. Beyond Linkola
3. Throneburner
4. Bitten by the Long Frosts of Life (Live)
5. Frailest (Live)
6. As Black as the Roses (as Weak as My Smile) (Live)
7. Wrath Without Hate (Live)
8. Retaliation (Live)
9. Black Crucifixion (Live)


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Black Crucifixion - Triginta (Seance Records)
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