EP Review: Empire Warning – Unite and Die (Self Released)

London’s Metal 2 The Masses 2019 winners Empire Warning are a 5-piece metal band based in West London. They won London’s Metal 2 The Masses to play a coveted slot at Bloodstock Open Air Festival. Now the band step into 2020 with their brand new EP ‘Unite and Die’.

‘Unite and Die’ is Empire Warning’s newest release coming 20th February 2020. The 4 track EP is made up of tracks that reflect the instability we face in our day to day lives. With clear heavy vocals, crushing and melodic tracks it is a reflection on a love for music with a clear core sound.

Empire Warning comment:

We have been eager to share our new music for a while now and are now pleased to bring you ‘Unite and Die’. This release doesn’t mean we slow down though; our debut full-length album is already in production.

It was Empire Warning’s grand performance at Bloodstock 2019 that made us aware of just how good a band they are. Now we have the opportunity to tell you just how good a band they are on record too as the 5-piece have unleashed a terrific 4-track EP of groovy melo-metal.

The strength in this EP comes from a unit that works impressively well together and opener Heil to the Rat King showcases that impeccably. The seamless blending of rapid fire riffs, substantial percussion and brusque-style vocals is pretty damn good. It’s very hard to not shout ‘heil’ alongside the band during the frantic finale.

Talking of frantic… Stuck is a total fiend that starts hot and doesn’t cool down for even a second. Rowdy as hell, it is such a head-banger chucking in a damn catchy chorus and solid guitar solo too.

Slowing the tempo down a tad, Take From You goes for a yawning, murkier and much chunkier rhythm. Something that works thanks to the passion exerted by Empire Warning. If the vocals don’t make your ears bleed, the screeching guitars will.

Closing out their fantastic new EP with arguably the strongest and grooviest track so far. Verge of Insanity is one of those songs that come on and your body reacts even if you’re not paying that much attention. The head begins to nod, the foot begins move, the fingers begin to tap out the beat and before you know, you’re up and ready to rage. Just wonderful.

The best of the British underground has a new name joining them. Let’s welcome Empire Warning who have released an EP that is unmissable.

Empire Warning – Unite and Die Full Track Listing:

1. Heil to the Rat King
2. Stuck
3. Take From Me
4. Verge of Insanity


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Empire Warning – Unite and Die (Self Released)
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