Album Review: Alien Force – We Meet Again (From The Vaults)

The wait is over. Finally, classic heavy metal merchants Alien Force will break the 35-year silence since their last studio album and release a new collection of songs. Called “We Meet Again”, it will be released on vinyl, CD, and digitally via From the Vaults on the 26th November 2021.

How cool is this? Alien Force are back and living the NWOBHM life as large as they did decades before! We Meet Again (a great title too) is an unashamed ten-track ode to heavy metal and the classic NWOBHM sound.

Unlike many others that do a similar thing though, Alien Force have the credentials to not just back it up, but make it undoubtably authentic.

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Of course, appreciating and enjoying the classic flavour of We Meet Again is all good and proper, but metal has come some way since Alien Force last released an album. The question becomes whether they stand out for the right or wrong reasons? Do they sound timeless or do they sound like a band attempting to recapture what isn’t there anymore?

Happily, at least in our opinion, it’s the former. A timeless sound by a timeless band. Music that transcends generational gaps and can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Especially as Alien Force are so good at delivering the fist-punchers and the head-bangers. Which they do here, in a constantly upbeat and grin-inducing way.

Age is but a number and we’re all quick to comment on how metal lives forever. Proof of that is when a band like Alien Force can come back after 35 years & release a banger album. One that proudly wears their NWOBHM hat but has learned enough over the years to also wear a wry and logical smile. Alien Force know exactly what they’re doing here. They want to appeal to their core audience first and then drag the younger generation along for the ride.

It’s easier than you think when you deal in energetic, high-powered heavy metal.

Alien Force – We Meet Again Full Track Listing:

1. Set Me Free
2. Rebellions
3. I Decide for You
4. Sceptical Feeling
5. Killing Time
6. Forgive Me
7. We Meet Again
8. Precious Time
9. Temptations
10. Song for You


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Alien Force - We Meet Again (From The Vaults)
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