Album Review: Athanasia – The Order of the Silver Compass (Seeing Red Records/Rock of Angels Records)

Los Angeles-based metal trio Athanasia – featuring former members of Five Finger Death Punch, Sebastian Bach, and Murderdolls – will release its upcoming full-length album, The Order of the Silver Compass on March 15th 2019 via Seeing Red Records and Rock of Angels Records.

“I’m very proud to announce that after years of literal blood, sweat, tears and countless hours of hard work, Athanasia’s debut LP The Order of the Silver Compass is finally about to see the light of day,” says frontman Caleb Bingham. “Blast it in the car and you’ll notice your gas pedal hitting the floor in a matter of seconds!

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The intent of this album can’t be faulted. Athanasia are looking to deliver a blisteringly heavy record with punchy rhythm that everybody and anybody can head-bang too. Ear-bleeding riffs, frenzied solos and enough meat on the bones of the hard-rocking rhythm to fill up a starving dog.

The band deliver most of the tracks with urgency and focus so it’s a shame the first couple of tracks, Read the Between the Lines and Spoils of War fail to ignite. Solid but just uninteresting, in particular the latter of the two which has the a chorus that can be called weak.

Thankfully things really take off with the title track. A short, in-your face yet catchy track that starts the upward swing for the remainder of the album.

Cyclops Lord comes next with a bit more of an epic sound. The vocals really standing out here before The Bohemian really shows off what Athanasia can do. The sum of all those previous bands seemingly lighting a fire of intensity in this new project as the raging inferno grows in strength the further the album goes on.

Reaching melting point with Mechanized Assault, the solo near the end here is impossibly powerful and a highlight of the record.

Just long enough to give you plenty to enjoy but short enough that it doesn’t overstay its welcome,. The record wraps up with Nightmare Sound and White Horse. The former a huge slice of heavy riffing, inflamed vocals and cleaner segments while the latter is a rock ballad. Not the strongest track to finish on but it’s a nice enough finale.

There’s potential with Athanasia. Enough built in credibility to garner attention and enough quality tracks to keep listeners coming back for more.

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Athanasia – The Order of the Silver Compass Full Track Listing:

1. Read Between the Lines
2. Spoils of War
3. The Order of the Silver Compass
4. Cyclops Lord
5. The Bohemian
6. Mechanized Assault
7. Nightmare Sound
8. White Horse



The album can be ordered via Seeing Red Records here (US), the UK here and the EU here. Athanasia merch can be ordered via their Bandcamp here and more information found via their website, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Athanasia - The Order of the Silver Compass (Seeing Red Records/Rock of Angels Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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