EP Review: Life Underfoot – Peaks and Valleys (Self Released)

Forming in late 2016, Life Underfoot are a rock/punk/emo band from Owego, NY. For fans of Brand New, Man Overboard, Mineral, Nirvana, American Football, and Blink 182. You can read our interview with them here and their latest EP, Peaks and Valleys is out now.

Life Underfoot 2

There’s not a lot to Peaks and Valleys, just three songs but it leaves you plenty to think about afterwards. Our Swan Song, the opener is such a mellow and depressing start with a far-away sound that sounds like Life Underfoot are playing and singing to us from a distance. It gives it a moodier style and it works even if the dour melody isn’t too appealing.

Clock Face (Acoustic) is a step up though with a really emotional guitar melody and powerful vocals. The ‘emo’ vibes really strong in both this and the following Chroma, it fills you with sadness but it’s somewhat beautiful too.

Life Underfoot 1

Life Underfoot – Peaks and Valleys Full Track Listing:

1. Our Swan Song
2. Clock Face (Acoustic)
3. Chroma



Pick up the EP now over on Bandcamp and find out more about Life Underfoot over on Facebook.


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Life Underfoot - Peaks and Valleys (Self Released)
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