Album Review: Anger Machine – Trail Of The Perished (Self Released)

Anger Machine is a five-man metal band from the Netherlands that simply won’t be pigeon-holed. But if you were to take the sound of Lamb of God, trashy riffs, Pantera-like grooves and guitar solos that take you all the way back to the great metal bands of the eighties, and throw them together, you might actually get pretty close.

The metal machine will release their debut album, Trail of the Perished on July 6th 2019.

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We hope you like your metal with a bucket load of groove because Anger Machine have it and aren’t afraid to spread it around! The energetic fire the group have burning inside of them is plain for all to see the very moment Disconnected goes in for the kill. It’s a banger with elements that are familiar from yester-year but put to good use by Anger Machine. It’s heavy, it’s fast and it’s mayhem infused metal but it also has bounce and catchiness. It’s a track that warms the cold, metal heart and then some.

It’s all go from there as Conquer All really brings the riffs to the table. As well as just a little more bite thanks to small bursts of intensity. The title track has vocals that have a much deeper and meatier sound veering into death metal territory. Created to Corrupt then spits venom in a ‘Devildriver’ kind of way before flipping the track over into a blistering showcase of guitars.

All very good stuff with enough fresh parts to it to make Anger Machine sound like the logical evolution of the groove metal sound. It’s not like they have an off switch as more and more screamingly heavy metal tracks come bursting out of their being like a little alien chest-burster.

Loss of Solace, Down, Vanquishers and Red continue to give nothing but ferocity wrapped up in their catchy way. It is kind of exhausting though and a lethargic feeling does begin to creep over the deeper we go into the album. It’s not that Anger Machine are doing anything particularly wrong, more that they seem to coast a little bit.

This does mean the wildness of The Abominable and Bittersweet do seem a tad muted even though they’re also pretty short. The former does also give us the album’s best guitar solo.

Anger 1

Anger Machine – Trail of the Perished Full Track Listing:

1. Disconnected
2. Conquer All
3. Trail of the Perished
4. Created to Corrupt
5. Loss of Solace
6. Down
7. Vanquishers
8. Red
9. The Abominable
10. Bittersweet


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Anger Machine - Trail Of The Perished (Self Released)
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