Album Review: Maziac – Forged (Self Released)

Formed in 2017 and residing in the nation’s capital, Maziac are comprised of Tony Best (Guitar/Vocals), Tim Stokes (Bass/Backing Vocals/Synths) and Marc Vachon (Drums). The band’s heritage is varied, much like their sound; Tony is half English/half Salvadorean and grew up in The Netherlands. Marc is from Montreal, Canada, and the only British native, Tim, is from Bedfordshire. Although Mazaic are a relatively new unit, they’ve been making waves already.

Maziac 2

In May 2018, the band set loose their self-released debut EP, Parallel, which was mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (SikTh). A high quality release, we absolutely loved and you can find out why here.

Now Mazaic are back with their debut full length album entitled Forged out on the 5th July 2019.

Having proven to be an unusual listen on the EP with a blend of progressive rock, alternative metal and everything in between, this album certainly builds on that. In the most positive way possible too. Eight tracks of unconventional metal numbers that skirt the lines of several different styles resulting something that can be called Mazaic.

For all it’s oddities and unconventional twists and turns it is very accessible. This can be put down to the metal bounce of Symptomatic and the drifting vocal style of Escapism. Both tracks delivering strong riffing, booming bass and slamming drumming.

Barely pausing for breath, Cortisol keeps things deliciously different while still providing head-banging flashes of groove and complex guitar hooks. The finale of the track is a particular delight.

Ready for something a little bit different? Prisoners spoken-word/slight rap verses playing off against the clean chorus and bass chug is what we’re talking about when we say Maziac take us on unexpected paths. It certainly doesn’t end the way it started either with the sense of urgency growing and taking on a lovely hard rock form.

Intermission time with the 52 second melody of Vicissitudes before Again and Allure offer varied listens. The former a bit more energetic and fancy in the riff department while the latter is one of the heavier tracks of the album, hammering away in contrast to the vocals. The guitar play in the latter part of the track is utterly brilliant.

Finally we get Resolution to enjoy, a post-lite track that punches hard delivering the knockout blow on very good album.

Maziac 1

Mazaic – Forged Full Track Listing:

1. Symptomatic
2. Escapism
3. Cortisol
4. Prisoners
5. Vicissitudes
6. Again
7. Allure
8. Resolution


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Maziac - Forged (Self Released)
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