EP Review: Gen and the Degenerates – Only Alive When In Motion (Marshall Records)

Releasing on March 30th, 2022 via Marshall Records, Only Alive When in Motion is the new EP from Liverpool-based alt-rock band, Gen and the Degenerates.

The EP deals with issues that are very much personal to Gen but immediately relatable to the wider public as well. They range from understanding one’s own sexuality, addiction, mental health and the dangerous deifying of celebrities, among others.

A 5-track EP that begins with a power and melodramatic effort in the form of Crying War. Gen and the Degenerates stand out immediately as the vocals of Gen are smooth, rich and very powerful. Vocals that you listen too, as the soft beat backs up the words, before things get really lively. An expulsion of heavier rock music, a catchy chorus and the consistency of those vocals makes this a very strong start.

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Adore Me changes tact with more playful and energetic motion, albeit one with a strong lyrical message and even some guitar soloing. Followed then by the raucous Girl Good Gun, a track with some throbbing bass lines wrapped around foot-tapping rhythm and Wild Thing, a track that has such anthemic qualities. Not just because it also features some kickass gang vocal shouts in its chorus.

Finally, it is Burn Your Pedestals, Gen and the Degenerates continuing to show that they can combine groovy, body-shaking rock music with powerful and pointed messages. Another strong track on a very strong EP.

Gen and the Degenerates – Only Alive When in Motion Full Track Listing:

1. Crying War
2. Adore Me
3. Girl Good Gun
4. Wild Thing
5. Burn Your Pedestals


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Gen and the Degenerates - Only Alive When In Motion (Marshall Records)
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