Video – The Legend of Zelda by August Burns Red (Fearless Records)

Not afraid of a cover or a bit of fun, metalcore veterans August Burns Red have turned their attention to the much loved video game series, The Legend of Zelda.

Regulars with festive song releases, August Burns Red love a bit of Christmas and have released a full seasonal album and a covers EP in the last couple years. Read our thoughts on the album, Sleddin’ Hill, A Holiday Album here. Read our thoughts on 2018’s EP, Winter Wilderness here or watch them here. So why Zelda?


Bassist Dustin Davidson explains – “Out of all of the games that I played growing up, I easily logged the most time into Zelda. My brother and I would come home from school, race to finish our homework and fight over who got to play. But the thing was — we didn’t just have to fight each other — our mom was also in on the battle. My mom introduced us to Zelda on the original Nintendo, but the first game that I remember playing and really enjoying was A Link to the Past on SNES. Our love for the game only grew over the years and I’ll never forget the three of us watching and playing Ocarina of Time together on N64.”

“Fast forward 20 years from Ocarina of Time’s release date to today, and you’ll find permanent ink not only on my skin but on my brother’s as well. The series played a big role in our upbringing and we both got tattoos showcasing our love for a game that the three of us bonded over.“

We are also big fans of all things Zelda. Check out some of our reviews for the book Hyrule Historia and the games, Majora’s Mask, The Ocarina of Time 3d, The Ocarina of Time and even another take on the theme music from Video Games Live.

Check out the fun video from August Burns Red and Fearless Records below, and look out for a few little Easter eggs from the games too. The Legend of Zelda will feature on the bands incoming EP called Phantom Sessions. That is due to be released on the 9th of February.

Pretty cool right? Even if you don’t like or know the game it is a very decent slab of music to enjoy. If you do like the games, well, it is even better. Great stuff!

You can download or stream the Legend of Zelda track here. Find out more about August Burns Red at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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