Horror Short Review: The Noise (2024)

I’m always a little wary of horror shorts on YouTube that have comments disabled. While that place can be pretty ruthless and there are some terrible people online, you have to be willing to open yourself up as a creator. Taking the praise and the criticism in equal measure, and hopefully learning from it.

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Those behind The Noise (details are light with only Roman appearing at the start and end) could do with learning a lot. Particularly what a good horror short looks like.

Harsh? Yes, but for a reason. The Noise is awful. Telling a story that makes no sense, and somehow feels three times as long as it is. It looks like crap, sounds like crap, and ends in such a wet fart of a way. A young boy hears some noises, finds a tree mound in the woods, then dies. That’s it. It’s not tense or scary, it’s just boring.

Normally, at this stage, I’d add the words – check it out yourself below. Which you can, because we always link in the YouTube video, but it’s not a recommend watch in any way.



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The Noise (2024)
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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