EP Review: Quitters – Singing Like Nobody’s Listening (Red Toad Music)

Quitters are pop rock/punk rock band from Montpellier in France that came into existence in 2015. Since then they have been gigging extensively around the world (over 100 shows in places likes Chile, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.

January 18th 2019 will see the release of their brand new EP, Singing Like Nobody’s Listening.

Quitters 2

If you’re not a fan of pop punk at this stage, Quitters is unlikely to change that with their new EP. It’s five tracks of feel-good bounce with light melodies, catchy riffs and vocals that have a little bit more gravel and gruff to them. It’s the vocals that give My Own Worst Enemy a bit more of a punk vibe, something that is welcome as it’s a bit of a ‘nothing special’ track.

That feeling, one of the band keeping things at a lower gear, continues into Better Off Dead even if it’s a hell of a sing-along. A track that seems custom made for the live environment with a crowd singing along loudly.

We then get the higher tempo tune of Letters to Forgotten Friends, a highlight of the EP thanks to some twinkly riffs and good gang vocals.

We wrap up with the double of Burn Your House Down and Biting the Dust. The former, a restrained rockier number that sadly falls into the bland category. The latter sees Quitters up their game for a big final flourish with some huge sounding vocals and memorable melody.

There is lots of talent in Quitters and when they don’t restrain themselves they make really good music. Singing Like Nobody’s Listening is far from perfect but it has moments that hit plenty of the right notes.

Quitters 1

Quitters – Singing Like Nobody’s Listening Full Track Listing:

1. My Own Worst Enemy
2. Better Off Dead
3. Letters to Forgotten Friends
4. Burn Your House Down
5. Biting the Dust



The EP will be available via all major streaming services and you can find out more by checking out Quitters’ Facebook Page.


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Quitters - Singing Like Nobody's Listening (Red Toad Music)
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