Video Premiere: Ghost Frog – Kill Screen

Ghost Frog are a “paranormal stoner punk” band from Portland, OR, who play heavy psychedelic space rock that combines doomy riffs with punk energy and otherworldly melodies. All while exploring themes derived from sci-fi/ horror film and literature as well as all things spacey and/ or spooky.

They just released our third album (4th December 2020), a video game themed concept album called “Astral Arcade,” which they have described as:

A (cyber) space rock opera about extraterrestrial life, the universe and video games!

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Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to now bring you the premiere of Kill Screen, taken from the album ‘Astral Arcade’.

The video is inspired by the urban legend of “Polybius”. A mysterious and allegedly dangerous arcade game which is claimed to have appeared in arcades across Portland, OR in the early 80s. Kids who played it were said to have experienced all kinds of adverse psychological effects like gaming addiction, seizures, night terrors, amnesia, hallucinations, hypnosis etc., which led to the conspiracy theory that the CIA or some other clandestine government agency might have developed and released the game to the public as a sort of mind control experiment along the same lines as Project MKUltra.

Check out the video below:


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