UnholyDarklotus’ Favourite Albums of 2017 ( Numbers 5 to 1)

Welcome to the 3rd and final list that counts down my Top 25 Albums of 2017. A year that has thrown forth a plethora of top, top quality rock and metal albums. We started with numbers 25 through to 16 which you can read here. The next list counts down numbers 15 to 6 and you can read that here. This final article will end with my  favourite 5 Albums of 2017.

Let’s get started then.

5 – The Future in Whose Eyes? by SikTh (Peaceville Records)

The Future In Whose Eyes is an accomplished album which will draw interest from new fans. I am testament to that. I hope the polished, slightly restrained sound doesn’t put off long term fans either. It is creative, interesting and often infectious. The vocals are strong and the music is clever throughout the album. Amazingly, SikTh returned to a saturated genre but with one release reminded everyone why they were inspired in the first place. Check out the review here.

Recommended Track – Golden Cufflinks

4 – The Knight of Rebellion by Dream Troll (Self Released)

The Knight of Rebellion is such a cool album. Really it is. It’s an album done in homage to old school, traditional heavy metal that is done so well, it feels like an album from a band that have always existed right alongside the Maidens of this world. I expect them to have a 10 album back catalogue already. It doesn’t feel like a new entry at all. The Knight of Rebellion is an album that deserves to be heard. Its very accomplished, and for a debut, no less. Dream Troll should go on to be a real force in metal. Check out the review here.

Recommended Track – Mons Ominosus

3 – Starmourner by Ghost Bath (Nuclear Blast)


Starmourner is the best album released by the talented Ghost Bath to date. It is easily one of the best albums of 2017 and a personal favourite that still gets tons of playtime today, 8 months after release. It is dark and broody but also uplifting and inspirational. The guitars are insanely good and the deathly shrieks and roars that accompany them are equally celestial and demonic. If you haven’t listened to this yet, what are you waiting for. Check out the review here.

Recommended Track – Thrones

2 – The Venomous by Nightrage (Despotz Records)

The Venomous might just be the best album Nightrage have released to date. It is creative, exciting and as crushing as it is melodic. The album has no “filler” it is just good track after good track. Each song has something new and interesting to it. As a band, I admire Nightrage tremendously due to their tireless hard work, never say die attitude but mostly for the high quality heavy metal they write and release. The Venomous is the perfect example of that. Check out the review here.

Recommended Track – Affliction

1 – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay by Cradle of Filth (Nuclear Blast)

So here it is. My favourite album of the year is Cryptoriana by Cradle of Filth. What an album. I didn’t think Cradle could top Hammer of the Witches. I’m not certain they did but they at least matched it. This is one of the best releases of this year. It is one of the best extreme/black metal albums of the year too. It is also one of the band’s best ever releases. After a near 30 year career, the last two albums this band have released are in my personal top 4 or 5 Cradle albums ever. Amazing. Check out the review here.

Recommended Track – Wester Vespertine

So there you have it. The best 5 albums released this year, in my opinion. As always with these articles, these are my (UnholyDarklotus) opinions only and I would love to hear yours. Let me know who you think I have overlooked or misplaced in the comments below.

You can also pick up these albums from the links below. Thanks for reading.

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