Horror Movie Review: Bloody New Year (1987)

Bloody New Year (also known as Timewarp Terror) is a 1987 British horror directed by Norman J. Warren & starring Suzy Aitchison, Nikki Brooks and Daniel James.

An imaginative & unexpected horror tale that is held back by a bare-bones plot & a goofiness that borders on cheesiness a lot of the time. That being said, for all its nonsense it is fairly entertaining.

Bloody New Year 2

A group of young friends are at a seaside funfair when they get into a conflict with a gang after they help an American tourist called Carol. In an attempt to escape from the gang, the group jump in a boat & head out to sea.

While floating aimlessly they see an island & run aground on the rocks. This forces them to land on the island where they discover a hotel that seems to be abandoned even though it looks like it’s ready for a New Year’s party.

Bloody New Year 3

Happy to be safe, the group settle in believing that the staff & guest are around somewhere. Especially when they occasionally see someone in the distance or hear what sounds like talking & laughter.

Unfortunately for them, this hotel is not a good place to be. It’s an evil place, stuck in a time warp that sees its victims forced to replay New Years Eve 1959 every day. Die & you’ll be stuck within the party too.

Bloody New Year 4

The biggest flaw with Bloody New Year is the time-warp central plot. Now it’s a solid enough idea but it’s never explored or explained. It just is a time warp, that’s it which is utterly infuriating.

The characters are bland & forgettable with the actors doing little to impress with painful dialogue. Conversations, reactions & behaviour that is cringe-inducing. The best that can be said is that it’s often unintentionally hilarious.

Bloody New Year 5

Add the goofiness to some fun effects & a solid ending, Bloody New Year is worth a watch because it is entertaining. It’s just not going to be remembered an hour after the credits roll.

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Bloody New Year
  • The Final Score - 4.5/10
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