Game Review: Poi (Xbox One)

Poi is an old-school 3D platformer that takes inspiration from the likes of Super Mario 64 & Banjo-Kazooie. Bright, colourful & easy to play…it’s an impressive release from indie developer PolyKid.

On face value it’s easy to dismiss Poi as nothing but a rip-off of classic 3D platformers. One that doesn’t look anywhere as good. However, look further & you’ll find a fun, fluid & rewarding game.

Poi 2

The story is basic, centring around two youngsters who want to be explorers. They meet an old man, a master explorer who was caught up in a storm & lost all of his explorer medallions. Seeing that the duo is keen, he enlists them to help him find all the medallions.

Poi 3

You’re not playing Poi for the story. You’re playing it for good 3D platforming & Poi delivers on that. Play as either of the youngsters & travel to several different levels that include a forest, a snow-covered land and a desert town. The levels aren’t the most inspired you’ll see but the designs are smart & the number of tasks to complete in them means you’ll explore every inch.

Similar to the likes of Mario games, each level has a number of medallions to collect associated with a task such as playing hide & seek, collecting 100 coins and much more. There is plenty of variety in them but few will challenge.

Poi 4

In fact, the only real challenge comes from the photo collecting, finding fossils & discovering hidden locations. These add longevity to the game, as do the timed challenge levels & hidden medallions.

None of this would matter though if the games controls were a mess & thankfully Poi is fantastically responsive. You’ll never have an issue in this regard thanks to a tight camera controls too.

Poi 5

Graphically, Poi is colourful, cute & the various enemies and characters you’ll meet along the way are good to look at. The added bonus of being able to switch characters whenever you want & find additional costumes is the icing on the cake of a great love-letter to the old-school 3D platformer genre.

Poi 6

  • The Final Score - 8/10
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