Top 10 Houses In Horror

Throughout horror there have been many houses, evil houses, houses that hide dark secrets, houses that were haunted or just houses that have seen a great many deaths. This is a top 10 of the most significant & scary houses to appear in horror to date (2014).

The rule was simple…it had to actually be a house. For example…The Shining is a hotel, the House on Haunted Hill remake is a mental asylum, the House of Wax is a museum etc.


10 – The house by the cemetery

The House by the Cemetary

Is that a 150 year old walking corpse in the basement or are you just pleased to see me?

Don’t move into a house that has a basement door boarded shut…there must be a reason.

9 – Eel Marsh house

Eel Marsh House

As Harry Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe) finds out, Eel Marsh House is difficult to sell because of the ghost who haunts it & that she kills off the local townspeople’s kids. The Woman in Black makes this one hell of a sale.

No matter how much you need a job…know when to walk away.

8 – The Firefly house

Firefly House

Not the kind of place you’d want to visit at anytime let alone on Halloween night. As proven in House of 1000 Corpses the family will put on a hell of a show for you, the kind that you won’t ever forget as long as you live….which won’t be long.

Don’t insult your hosts especially when they clearly seem deranged.

7 – The last house on the left

Last House on the Left

Compared to the others on this list the house in question is a perfectly nice home, the kind of place you could come & relax after raping & killing the inhabitants daughter & friend. You just better hope they don’t find out that you were responsible though.

Don’t visit the parents of your victims…

6 – The abandoned house in the woods

Blair Witch House

You’ve reached the point of no return in regards to your fear & you’re running towards your friends cries when you stumble across a dilapidated stone house in the middle of no-where. Inside you find children’s hand-prints all over the walls & your friend standing in the corner similar to a tale told by the locals, this is an evil house; this is the Blair Witch Projects final scene…

Inside or out…they were dead no matter what.

5 – Nancy’s house

Nancy's House

While not actually evil or the cause of Freddy Kruger’s behaviour it does house his blade glove taken by Nancy’s mother & has become an icon of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies & considered Kruger’s stomping ground. This is backed up by the many references to it in later movies such as drawings & nightmares.

Probably best you just stay away from Elm Street.

4 – The Myers old place

Myers Home

The Myers house has appeared in several of the Halloween movies in some guise or another & has to be mentioned as it is in this house that Michael kills for the first time as a child.

In the case of Halloween: Resurrection, don’t film a group of fools trying to uncover fake secrets the night he comes home.

3 – The house


The house in House seems like a nice enough place at first, well except for the old lady suicide by hanging. However it doesn’t take long until mad beasties are coming out of your closets, your ex-wife turns out to be a literal monster, your bathroom window leads to an alternative universe & your old Vietnam buddy shows up with your long lost kid in tow.

Ha…if you’re going to live here try to not bring so much mental baggage with you!

2 – The Freeling family home

Poltergiest House

It’s not so much the houses fault but rather what the house has been built on that causes the crazy ghost goings-on in Poltergeist. The ghost uses everything & anything in the house to try & separate Carol-Ann from her family eventually leading to the whole house being sucked into an alternative world.

A good rule is to try & avoid Indian burial grounds.

1 – The Amityville House


Number 1 because it’s a real house that still exists albeit with many changes to it’s look. The true story about the Amityville house is just as sinister as the made-up ghost stories & is well worth reading into. The house has been used to great effect in many Amityville horror films & those windows are iconic.

Murders in your house? Sell a book!


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