Horror Movie Review: Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000)

Urban Legend ended with a big hint towards a sequel…sure it wouldn’t have made any sense but it was a 90’s slasher, it didn’t have too.

Well, here is that sequel but not as you might have expected. Unless you expected it to be terrible…than you were damn right.

Here we go again…

The movie opens on a plane filled with obnoxious teens drinking, sucking face & generally being gits. A couple decide to enter the mile high club & head off to the bathroom. As they’re getting down to it she notices a sinister message written on the mirror. Realising something is wrong they go out to find most of the passengers are dead & the flight crew are on a murderous rampage.

Final Cut - Bad Message

Before the excitement gets too much (trust me, it’s not) it is revealed to be a set at a film academy. The students are preparing their thesis for a chance to win an award that will pretty much give them a leg-up in the film industry.

Amy is struggling with her subject & meets a security guard (a returning character from the first movie) who tells her about what took place in the first movie. She decides to do a movie about a killer copying famous urban legends.

Final Cut - Dead Dog

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Turns out there is an actual killer who begins offing the crew & other students in the manner of famous urban legends. Coincidence? Maybe…maybe not. I didn’t care by the end. I was just hopeful everyone would die in the end…

Final Cut - Bathtub

No such luck, Urban Legends: Final Cut is a terrible movie with one of the worst ‘killer’ reveals I’ve ever seen. It makes such little sense & somehow ends up being more laughable then the killer from the first movie. I know, that should have been impossible but they managed it.

The story commits the biggest crime of all in horror; it is boring…so boring that it is difficult to keep your attention. I wanted to look at something else, like the wall or a massive pile of crap; it would have been more interesting. The acting is so-so mostly except for Simon who is just so wonderfully bad that I was grinning while he got his face smashed in.

Final Cut - Simon

Very little character development means that most death scenes are meaningless & a sub-plot involving a twin brother/suicide makes little sense. The movie tries to work in urban legends into some of the many deaths but really struggles. The problem is that most urban legends involve fantastical situations, something that a killer has no reason to do.

Final Cut - Killer

The very first death is a take on the, drugged in a bar…wake up in a bath full of ice minus a kidney. It comes out of nowhere & the end result is decapitation. Why did he bother removing her kidney? It did allow for a nasty looking wound though that the killer grabs to try & drag her back in. I liked that…

That was about it.

The killer from the first movie shows up at the end for some reason.

Final Cut - Ending

One of the worst movies I have ever seen & proof that the slasher genre had very limited shelf life. It is incredibly boring, dragged out & filled with horrible character decisions. Lazy, is what comes to mind.


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