Top 10 Creepy-Crawly Horror Movies

Bugs…Creepy crawlies…insects…no-one likes them & they make great sci-fi/horror movie villains. If its spiders or bees or centipedes the best uses seem to be as part of the bigger picture as unsurprisingly there isn’t exactly a long list of great horror movies starring them.

Still the ones that are good are really good. Here are the top 10 bug related horror movies…

10 – Creepshow: They’re Creeping Up On You! (1982)

They Are Creeping Up On You

The final story of the Creepshow anthology sees Upson Pratt, a nasty piece of work who suffers with mysophobia (fear of germs), sealed away in his hermetically sealed apartment. During a storm, a power cut occurs through the city affecting his apartment as well. As his panic mounts the apartment becomes overrun by cockroaches inducing a heart attack. When the power returns the apartment is empty until the roaches come busting out of his body in an incredibly grotesque scene.

9 – Mosquito (1995)

Mosquito Movie

A spaceship crashes in a swamp infecting the local mosquito population. They grow really big & start attacking campers. It’s as simple as that held together with some shockingly good/bad special effects & fantastic gore. This is a homage to the classic b-movies of the 50’s.

8 – Infestation (2009)

Infestation Movie

A horror comedy that sees an everyday nobody arrive at work, be sacked then collapse alongside everyone else. When he wakes up he finds himself in a cocoon of web, breaking free he is attacked by a huge bug before meeting up with other survivors. It’s a better movie then the description gives it credit for.

7 – The Nest (1988)

The Nest Movie

A cockroach horror that sees flesh-eating roach’s terrorize a small island community. It’s the fault of shady corporation INTEC who have been secretly experimenting & breeding mutant cockroaches. These cockroaches can’t be killed with insect repellent & can fuse with anything they kill, it’s amazing.

6 – They Nest (2000)

They Nest Movie

Another cockroach horror that sees a struggling Dr take some time off in a small island community. He is roped into helping the local sheriff in investigating some strange deaths that seem to be cockroach related. These roach’s burrow & nest inside people. That there is worth the price of admission…

5 – Mimic (1997)

Mimic Movie

In New York cockroach’s have spread a disease that has decimated the child population. Through genetic engineering a group of scientists create a new insect that can kill off the roach population. This new insect has a short lifespan & is unable to breed or so they thought…Mimic is a smart movie with great visuals.

4 – Ticks (1993)

Ticks Movie

Inner city kids go to the woods as part of a project & come under attack from mutated ticks. Check out our review here for the full details…the film is great fun with an ending that will leave you hooked.

3 – Arachnophobia (1990)

Arac Movie

An Amazonian massive spider hitches a ride in the coffin of a scientist traveling back to America. The body arrives in a small town where the new family physician has just arrived. The spider escapes the coffin once it is opened & ends up mating with the local spider population which creates an army of super-poisonous spiders that start attacking the town. If you don’t like spiders, this can be a really uncomfortable watch but it is a great movie.

2 – Slugs (1988)

Slugs Movie

A strain of black slugs come from a toxic waste dump & start attacking the local town. Everything great about this movie is wrapped up with a beautiful bow of gore.

1 – The Fly (1986)

The Fly Movie

Oh my…Seth Brundle is a brilliant scientist attempting to create teleportation using pods. It works with inanimate objects but not living things (the inside out ape is just awe-inspiring). Eventually he works it out & attempts it on himself but fails to see that there is a fly in the pod with him.

At first everything is great but over time he begins a really impressive transformation into a human fly. It is outstanding…


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