Game Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 3 (Xbox One)

Previously on Resident Evil: Revelations 2…

Claire Redfield & Moira Burton are kidnapped alongside their TerraSave colleagues during a staff party by an unknown task force. They wake up in a dilapidated prison with wristbands attached that measure their fear.

The Prison

They escape & make their way to a nearby radio tower & send a distress call all while under the watchful eye of The Overseer. After meeting up with some more TerraSave employees they come under serious attack from The Afflicted. During this attack they discover they have been infected with a virus that will transform them into a monster if their fear becomes too great. This is all a big experiment overseen by The Overseer.

The gagn

Claire & Moira team up with a young girl called Natalia & make their way to the Overseers Tower. 6 months later Barry Burton arrives on the island & finds the recorded message of his daughter. He meets Natalia & together they follow the trail of Moira although Natalia claims she is dead now.

Barry & Nat

The duo make their way to what is left of the Overseers Tower where Natalia shows a power she possesses that can spot enemies through walls. This helps Barry deal with a new threat, invisible enemies. Barry & Natalia arrive at the Tower were he discovers a photo that connects older Resident Evil characters to this game. They get attacked by The Overseer…

The Overseer

Episode 3: Judgement opens with Claire & Moira having lost Natalia so they go to look for her. They make their way through a spooky factory & a slaughter house which has some classic Resident Evil style puzzles. They are nothing too tough but a welcome change to the linear corridor style of the game.

The character switching here is much more important as they need to separate to complete puzzles. The factory is a bland looking place but the slaughter house looks amazing, really gory & nasty looking.


Once the puzzle is solved Claire & Moira walk into a trap set by The Overseer & a frantic race against time starts. Surviving that the duo end up in the sewers, one of the most boring sections of the game.

The Sewers

Finally they reach the Tower & see that they were betrayed from within TerraSave. This prompts a boss battle that is a bit too easy. The revelation that Claire was more than just friends with this person makes the end to their section have a little bit more impact to it. An additional scene showing that Natalia was part of an experiment & in the clutches of The Overseer ends their story in Episode 3.


Meanwhile Barry & Natalia escape the clutches of The Overseer who reveals herself to be the woman in the photo. Whatever has happened to her over the 6 months between stories is not exactly clear but she is a twisted & creepy mess. She is easily one of my favourite Resident Evil baddies already & I can’t wait to see just what happened to her.

Sadly the rest of Barry & Natalia’s section is unimaginative & bland except for a re-occurring boss battle. Unlike others bosses where you have to do something to expose the weak-spot this bosses is basically on show (blast away a few tentacles blocking it) making it a pretty easy prospect to defeat.

The Mine

A crate puzzle dominates a big section of the game & is less than exciting…

However we do get some interesting plot developments as we find out what Moira did that caused the rift between herself & Barry. His regret is believable & you can see how saving Natalia can at least atone for some of his sins. The episode ends with whimper as Barry & Natalia come under attack from The Overseer in a cutscene. She disposes of Barry off a cliff before turning her attention to Natalia.

However something happens to Natalia that makes The Overseer recoil in terror & the episode ends with her screaming….

The Eye

So there we have it, 3 episodes down…1 more to go.

Episode 3 manages to do something the others hadn’t & make Claire & Moira’s story more interesting than Barry’s this time around. Their locations, battles, puzzles & boss is much more exciting & interesting. Barry’s side of the story felt like it was threading water this week.

The Trap

I’m extremely stoked to see what happens in the final episode next week.

More levels added to Raid Mode…plenty for a fan to go back too but the locations (Resident Evil 6) are just a reminder of how bland that game was.



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