Split EP Review: Time Without End by Sylvaine and Unreqvited (Prophecy Productions)

Time Without End is a split EP from dreamy rockers, Sylvaine, and black gazers, Unreqvited, released on the 10th of January via Prophecy Productions.

Time Without End features two tracks each from the bands and weighs in at around 25 minutes. Designed to immerse the listener into ethereal and dream like soundscapes, Time Without End is a little different and very interesting.

Sylvaine are up first. The Norwegian atmospheric project’s first track is called No More Solitude. It is an emotive and gentle piece full of powerful piano passages and thoughtful acoustic melodies. The singing is nothing short of beautiful, both the lead and the gentle backing. It is a poignant and passionate opener. Sylvaine’s second track is called Falling. Again it sticks with the acoustic side, so very much Sylvaine experimenting with most of the more traditionally expected metal elements left to one side.

Time Without End - unreqvited and Sylvaine

Falling is another nice track that drips with feeling. It is a more morose, darker song in comparison to No More Solitude and a great listen with strong vocals and a nice restrained melody backed by little atmospheric touches that help engage and immerse you.

Unreqvited are up next. The one man project from Canada starts off with the majestic and ethereal, Interwoven. It is quite different to Sylvaine’s songs in that it has a more uplifting feeling to it. The subtle melody is backed by dreamy atmospherics that combine and fill you with positivity. The gentle drums beat adds to that but your soul literally soars as a mesmerising orchestral backing jumps in with a couple minutes left on the clock. That is a stroke of genius, right there. Brilliant!

Time Without End - unreqvited and Sylvaine

Unreqvited’s second track, and the final on the Time Without End, is called Meadows of Elysium. This is the masterpiece on the EP, for me. After a slow build with more of the dreamy atmospherics and orchestral melody, the track explodes into colour with huge black gaze guitars backed by uplifting atmospherics. It creates a powerful wall of sound that swallows you whole as it builds towards a crescendo of excellence leaving you feeling emotionally affected. Excellent song!

Time Without End is a really powerful EP, chock full of raw passion and emotion. Both Sylvaine and Unreqvited have pushed out experimental tracks that work really well together. That capture, and hold, your attention and leave you feeling a range of emotions from sadness to hope to empowered. Personal preference sees me lean towards Unreqvited and their harder sound more but I can seriously appreciate the stark beauty of Sylvaine’s work too.

If you are looking for something a bit different. A clever and engaging EP that toys with your emotion, look no further than Time Without End.

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Time Without End by Sylvaine and Unreqvited (Prophecy Productions)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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