Single Slam – Toe to Toes by Mastodon (Cold Dark Place)

Mastodon have released a new single called Toe to Toes. The single comes from an EP called Cold Dark Place which is due out on the 22nd of September this year via Reprise Records. It will also be released as a limited edition 10 inch vinyl picture disc on the 27th of October.

The Atlanta hard rock/metal band only released their seventh studio album this year, in March. You can read our review of that album, Emperor of Sand, by following the link. If you are wondering why we are getting new music already, well we aren’t really. Instead Cold Dark Place is a 4 track of previously recorded but unreleased music. 3 of the songs were recorded during sessions for the band’s 2014 release, Once More Round the Sun. The 4th track, and subject of this review is Toe to Toes. This one was recorded during sessions for Emperor of Sand.

Mastodon are Brann Dailor on drums and vocals, Troy Sanders on bass guitar and vocals and Brent Hinds on lead guitar and vocals. The only guy not really taking a turn at lead vocals yet is rhythm guitarist Bill Kelliher.

Toe to Toes

Toe to Toes is 4 and a half minutes long and, having being recorded during the Emperor of Sand recordings, sounds like it could have easily been on that album. If you liked that album, then result – here is another track.

Toe to Toes has a melodic intro that leads into a nice and heavy riff. Fast drumming and heavy guitars add tons of groove before the song settles into a cleaner verse. The cleaner sections have a nice lead guitar line in the background. They alternate with the heavier, bassy sections with gruffer vocals and a chunkier sound. There is a nice solo, nothing too spectacular but it’s fine. It leads into an oddly times section with vocals that sound off kilter to the music. Once that passes we move back into a cool riff and steady rhythm. One more short solo ends the track and, while I love solos, this one doesn’t do much for me.

Toe to Toes is a pretty cool song though I think the guitar solos are weak. Especially when you know how good Brent Hinds is on guitar. These two short ones are a little flat and don’t add much to the track overall. Overall though there is a nice mix between melodic, groove and heavy. It is one of those tracks where, if you are a fan, you will probably love it. If you aren’t, you can appreciate it is a good rock song but it won’t blow your mind. I imagine that will be the same situation with the EP itself. Good music but one for the collectors.

Check it our for yourself here. You can preorder a physical copy of the new EP, Cold Dark Place, from here. It will also be available to preorder digitally from Spotify, Apple, Google Play etc… You can also grab it, this single and more from Mastodon from the links below. Check out the band at their website, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more information on them and upcoming music and tours. Be sure to give them a like and a follow while you are there.

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Toe to Toes by Mastodon (Cold Dark Place)
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