Album Review: Syn Ze Sase Tri – Zaul Mos (Code666)

Zaul Mos is the fourth album from Transylvanian pagan black metal band Syn Ze Sase Tri. Mixing folk elements with a traditional sound the album is out on September 29th via Code666.

Zaul Mos 1

Syn Ze Sase Tri don’t mess around beginning with the 10+ minute long Tarimu’ de Lumina. Instantly the sense of grandness that exists throughout the album comes out to play. Brutal blackened metal riffs & vocals alongside emotionally draining melody, there is a clear intention to surprise & inspire.

Underlayed with darkness straight from the most hellish corner of the world, the booming spoken word & haunting background melody flows into a more traditional heavy metal sound. It’s a very unique & special opener.

Any concern that Syn Ze Sase Tri may have played their best hand already is dismissed with the riff & classic sounding melody of Din Negru Gind. Here, it’s less about being fancy & more about blasting out a track filled with wonderful intensity & beauty.

Those two words, intensity & beauty is the perfect summation of the entire album. Solu’ Zeilor ploughs along ripping up the earth as it blasts out a horn-throwing guitar solo, the battle ready title track off-kilter mid-point vocals really surprise before the added mix of female vocals on Plecaciune Zaului absolutely soars.

Had Zaul Mos ended after 7 tracks it would have easily been a 9/10 album but it doesn’t. Instead it goes a little bit longer & seemingly impossibly turns into one of the best albums of the entire year thanks to the shockingly good Cocosil Negri. A contender for one the best tracks of the year. The sublime folk melody, the gob-smackingly good chanting vocals, the stunning riffs, the gut-rumbling drums…if you need to know just how good Syn Ze Sase Tri are, this is the song you must listen too.

Zaul Mos 2

Syn Ze Sase Tri – Zaul Mos Full Track Listing:

1. Tarimu’ de Lumina
2. Din Negru Gind
3. Solu’ Zeilor
4. De-a Dreapta Omului
5. Zaul Mos
6. Plecaciune Zaului
7. Urzeala Ceriului
8. Cocosil Negri
9. In Pintecu’ Pamintului (Electric Version)

Head over to Syn Ze Sase Tri’s website to find out more about the band, order the new album & pick up earlier releases. Like the band over on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, become a fan on ReverbNation & MySpace.


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Syn Ze Sase Tri - Zaul Mos (Code666)
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