Horror Movie Review: Bloody Homecoming (2012)

A standard slasher with an unpredictable but confusing villain, Bloody Homecoming tries to pay homage to the classic era of the slasher horror but fails thanks to sub-standard acting & overall poor quality film-making.

Bloody Homecoming 1

A group of high-schoolers decide to have their own homecoming party in a closed part of the school. One of them is locked inside a storage room after he tries to rape his girlfriend where he accidentally causes a fire burning down the building & dying in the process. Oh boo hoo.

The rest aren’t held responsible & it’s seen as an unfortunate accident (even though they locked him inside). A year later, just before homecoming they all receive a cryptic note in their lockers that attains to the incident. Soon after, they all start getting killed by a figure dressed in a full fireman’s outfit.

Bloody Homecoming 2

Sounds familiar right?

Bloody Homecoming doesn’t even attempt to distance itself from the likes of I Know What You Did Last Summer. The only difference here being the quality of acting, the coherence of the plot & the villain reveal.

Bloody Homecoming 3

It’s very hard to get excited about a movie so uninspired. The boy who dies in the fire, the switch from nice guy to would be rapist is so sudden & crassly handled it dents any impact regarding his death. The rest of the group are so bland & forgettable that it’s impossible to remember their names. Not that it matters, they’re just victims & badly acted victims at that.

The most you can hope for is fun & interesting deaths which is another fail on the movies part. Simply put, we’ve seen it all before & in much more gruesome fashion. They might shock a 70-year old gran but regular horror watchers will find it hard to not stifle a yawn or two.

Bloody Homecoming 4

Like most slashers it builds to a reveal that is supposed to be a shock but misses the point. You see, if the character in question has had barely any screen time & even less dialogue then it’s really not that big of a twist.

I genuinely didn’t know who they were until they started explaining…as they always seem to do.

Clearly made on a low budget, it can be commended for stretching that to some distance but it’s so uneventful that it’s about as much praise as can be heaped on it.


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Bloody Homecoming
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