Album Review: Grumpynators – Still Alive (Mighty Music)

Did you ever hear the anecdote “A rockabilly, a hardrocker and a metalhead get into a bar…”? The third album from the Danish rockabilly/hardrockers Grumpynators tell you exactly that, while keeping their way up to the top. Still Alive is out on August 28th 2020 via Mighty Music.

It’s easy to hear just why Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen claims to be a long-time fan of Grumpynators. Blending catchy rockabilly with a punk ethos and one eye on head-banging heavy metal, the unit have crafted an album filled with foot-tapping and head-nodding tunes.

It’s the immediate sing-along title track that gets this party started before Going Away for Good shows off some playful rhythm, feel-good vibrations and fast injections of rock. An opening pair that few won’t find themselves smiling along too.

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The smile is staying well and truly plastered on faces with the kick-ass riffing, soloing and tougher metal pace of Blood and Bones. Feel the Same’s blood-pumping groove and rhythm, Dream Girls’ rockabilly glow, Yesterday’s piercing percussion and chuggy riffing, and Sweet Psycho Sister’s no-nonsense hard rock beat do nothing to wipe it off either.

At around the time Grumpynators bust a vein with the frantic All I Want, it becomes absurdly clear there isn’t going to be a drop in quality. What we have here is one of 2020’s best rock releases culminating in two more super-groovy and fun efforts. Monster Girl and Back On the Road worthy of a big ole chef’s kiss!

Grumpynators – Still Alive Full Track Listing:

1. Still Alive
2. Going Away For Good
3. Blood And Bones
4. Feel The Same
5. Dream Girl
6. Yesterday
7. Sweet Psycho Sister
8. All I Want
9. Monster Girl
10. Back On The Road


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Grumpynators - Still Alive (Mighty Music)
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