Album Review: Blueside – Small Town, Good Wine & Sad People (Volcano Records)

Blueside is an Italian band from Sonnino, near Latina, born in 2016 thanks to the musical collaboration between Simone Cecconi (bass and voice), Domenico Rufo (guitar) and Daniele Rufo (guitar and chorus). The musical quartet are competed with Mario Talocco on drums.

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Thanks to the harmony between the two brothers guitarists, that share the solos, a strong level of power and energy is taken to the stages. Their repertoire is focused on the sharp sounds of punk, and they take inspiration from the biggest punk rock bands like “The Ramones”, “Green Day” and “The Offspring”, whose songs they bring on stage as covers.

On March 29th 2019 they will release their debut record, Small Town, Good Wine & Sad People via Volcano Records.

Catchy and upbeat punk rock, that is exactly what we get with this short and to the point showing from Blueside. It’s not much but it is very effective and you’ll find yourself bouncing along to the likes of Ci vomito su, Il Moralista and I’m Paranoid. Mixing up singing in Italian and English is a nice touch too. The latter of those three is exceptionally fun.

Blueside keep things moving at a very fast pace too by breaking up tracks with intermissions. Sometimes nothing but a bit of guitar work, other times the annoying sound of the band doing the Tarzan yell. Not sure I understand the point of including that other then to show Blueside can have fun.

Thankfully that is only 19 seconds long before we get two final and excellent punk rock tracks in the form of Notorietà and Rain. The former sticks closely to the formula set out already while the latter is a ballad to see things out with a sad smile.

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Blueside – Small Town, Good Wine & Sad People Full Track Listing:

1. Small Town
2. Ci vomito su
3. Good Wine
4. Il Moralista
5. I’m Paranoid
6. Sad People
7. Fuori
8. WTF
9. Notorietà
10. Rain

Head over to Blueside’s website to find out more and order the album. Check out their Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Blueside - Small Town, Good Wine & Sad People (Volcano Records)
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