Single Slam – Through Eyes of Stone by 1349 (Through Eyes of Stone)

Norwegian black metallers, 1349, have released a brand new single called Through Eyes of Stone from their incoming EP of the same name.

That EP, Through Eyes of Stone, is due for release on the 16th of August via Season of Mist. It features this song and a live version of Riders of the Apocalypse. The band have also confirmed that there, as yet untitled, 7th studio album is complete and will be released in Autumn this year. Their previous album, Massive Cauldron of Chaos was released back in 2014. We did have the single, Dødskamp, earlier this year though and you can read more about that one here. Other than that, it has been pretty quiet in 1349’s camp, until now.

1349 are founding members Olav Bergene (Ravn) on vocals and Tor Risdal Stavenes (Seidermann) on bass and backing vocals. Alongside them, on guitars it’s Idar Burheim (Archaon) and, on drums, Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad (Frost). You may know Frost from Satyricon where he is also the drummer.

Through Eyes of Stone 1349 band

Through Eyes of Stone is just under 3 and a half minutes long and is a hard and heavy blast of old school sounding blackened death metal. It starts off with some really neat drum flurries with a crunching guitar riff. We build in pace and intensity before it explodes into life with blazing drums and a quick and heavy riff. The bass hits hard and the vocals are exactly what you would expect from a black/death metal band from Norway. They drip with menace, staying safely within growled territory. The verse blazes past at speed though we get a little more rhythm to the chorus. It’s still immensely heavy but just has enough of a beat that forces your head to start nodding along.

Through Eyes of Stone is a solid, if a little unspectacular, black metal track with plenty of ferocity and aggression. The drums are great and there is a neat little solo. Vocals are strong and there is a fair amount of impressive riffing going on. It’s all great with the only downside being the lack of anything standout. It’s a decent black metal track that leaves you feeling like it’s been heard before and could be any band. It lacks a bit of identity while remaining perfectly decent.

The EP version of including the B side of Riders of the Apocalypse is available digitally everywhere on the 16th of August. Through Eyes of Stone is available everywhere digitally now. You can also preorder a special 10’’ vinyl edition from Season of Mist here.

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