Album Review: Subservience – Forest Of The Impaled (Black Bow Records)

Hailing from the UK, death metal heavyweights Subservience will release their debut album, Forest of the Impaled on August 11th 2017 by Black Bow Records.

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If you want your metal fast, brutal & heavy then look no further then Subservience, one of the most exciting death metal bands of the current era. Drawing influences from the classic sound of death metal with elements of a more modern edge, Forest of the Impaled is all about unbridled fury.

In Depravity They Dwell is an intense start, the aggression seeping from every pore of the riffs & brutal drum beats. It’s followed by the moodier but just as ferocious, Beneath the Earth. Slamming hooks, guttural vocals & some of the best drumming heard this year, it’s an absolute contender for one of the best death metal songs this year.

Forest of the Impaled is metal to lose your mind too. Music to crack open a beer, swing your head wildly around before diving head first into the nearest circle pit.

There is no give here, not you’d want it. Track after track lays down another crushing layer of death metal to be enjoyed. The Dying Light’s spitting vocals, the doomy vibe that Desperation gives off & the blasting, white-hot riffs of The Consummation. It’s impossible to not enjoy every moment of Forest of the Impaled.

The biggest disappointment of the album comes with just how quickly it’s over. Wrapping up with Descend of Despair, it’s a more relaxed start thanks to the soft keyboard melody that slides into a fuzzy sounding riff. It builds in pace & volume before erupting into glorious metal befitting of the devil himself.

Eight amazing tracks of brutal death metal with one goal…destroy.

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Subservience – Forest of the Impaled Full Track Listing:

1. In Depravity They Dwell
2. Beneath the Earth
3. A Taste for Violence
4. Entity of Indifference
5. The Dying Light
6. Desperation
7. The Consummation
8. Descend into Despair

You can pick up Subservience’s music & merchandise over on Bandcamp here. Check out the band on their website here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, ReverbNation & YouTube.


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Subservience - Forest Of The Impaled (Black Bow Records)
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