Single Slam: Sing Your Heartache by North East Bistro

Indie-rock band, North East Bistro are back after a seven-year absence, one that saw their lead singer loses his left leg in a terrible work accident. To celebrate their return the band have released a brand new single called, Sing Your Heartache recorded in January.

Sing Your Heartache is three minutes of soft melancholic melodies and introspective rock. An emotional tune, it packs a punch with its sweet guitar strumming and duel vocal performance. Something that really comes to life in the latter half with just a touch more rock introduced.

The pleasing indie rock lightness that bleeds into a faster and rockier tempo will appeal. As a precursor to a new EP that is in pre-production, it certainly does its job. Anticipation and excitement is built, what comes next will certainly see North East Bistro being watched very closely.

Check out the track yourself below and keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page.

Sing Your Heartache by North East Bistro
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