Single Slam – Satan in the Wait by Daughters

American rock band, Daughters, have released their first piece of new music in 8 years with a single called Satan in the Wait. Having officially broke up around 2009, they reformed a few year slater but, other than a handful of one off shows, there was no real output. No music, no tours until recently.

It started with an Instagram announcement back in 2016 when they confirmed they do plan to record an album. More recently they announced guitars were written and the album was inbound before they signed for Ipecac Recordings, the label founded by Greg Werckman and Mike Patton.


Daughters are original members, Alexis S.F. Marshall on vocals with Nicholas Andrew Sadler on guitars. Another original member, on drums is Jon Syverson and joining the band 2 years after they formed is Samuel M. Walker on the bass. Daughters are a rock band, classified by many as “noise rock” or even “grindcore” but also have elements of mathcore and alternative stylings in their music.

As of right now, the exact date of release for the new Daughters album is unknown, as is it’s eventual title so all we have to go on is this single, Satan in the Wait. The album is expected later in 2018 though.

Satan in the Wait is 7 minutes long and is a little different. A slow, cymbal heavy drum beat kicks the track off with an eerie ringing guitar tone backing it. The song hits hard but in a slow, odd fashion,. Vocals come in and are hushed and almost spoken. They sound more like a speech being delivered than a song being sung and heavy plenty of snarl to them. All of this while the drums and bass pound out a repetitive rhythm and the guitar joins playing single notes, bends, squeals.

As the song progresses, the alternative style remains the same but the drums start to switch up throwing in occasional off kilter blasts. The guitar also starts adding more with some really strong melody and little solos. All these strange little individual instruments and vocal lines sound almost like they are playing from different musical sheets at times yet somehow it works. Everything comes to your mind individually where it joins together and makes sense. With Satan in the Wait, Daughters have created a really intriguing sound with many unique components. An example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

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Satan in the Wait is available now on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. No word yet on preorders for the album but as it isn’t even named yet, that shouldn’t be a surprise. You can grab a few bits from the band from their webstore here. Find out more about Daughters at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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Satan in the Wait by Daughters
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