Single Slam: Rotgoldene Novemberwälder by Waldgeflüster (Mondscheinsonaten)

Waldgeflüster is an individual mix of melancholic and nature-bound topics. The project, which was founded in autumn 2005, renders homage to black metal and its complexity.

Rotgoldene Novemberwälder 2

Having released one of the best albums of 2016 in Ruinen (read our review here), it’s with great excitement that we get to review a brand new song from the German atmospheric black metal band.

It is taken from their new album ‘Mondscheinsonaten’ which will be released on April 12th 2019 via Nordvis.

Called ‘Rotgoldene Novemberwälder’, the first thing that stands out is that it’s only 6 and a half minutes long! Short by Waldgeflüster’s standards but happily, not lacking in both heaviness and atmosphere.

It’s the latter that welcomes us to new Waldgeflüster in 2019, soft melody with a haunting effect in the background. The tone and pace picks up leading to a sonically harsher style. The vocals screech and the guitars burn brightly while the drums brutalise the mind.

It’s a momentous offering that combines all of what makes the band such a thrilling listen. As we hit the halfway point, gorgeous clean vocals accompany the black metal rhythm moving things to an even higher point that lifts the soul.

As a precursor to a new album, Rotgoldene Novemberwälder certainly creates anticipation while also being a hell of a song in its own right. We’re glad to have Waldgeflüster back and glad to see them as strong as ever.

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The single can be streamed/bought from all major services including Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes, Amazon above, Apple Music below and Google Play. You can order the new album via Nordvis and Bandcamp. Keep up to date with news by checking out Waldgeflüster’s website and Facebook Page.


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Rotgoldene Novemberwälder by Waldgeflüster (Mondscheinsonaten)
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