Album Review: The Three Tremors – The Three Tremors (Steel Cartel)

The Three Tremors featuring Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Sean Peck and Harry Conklin release their storming self-titled debut album on 18th January 2019 via Steel Cartel Records.

The self-titled debut album will feature 12 new songs that depict monumental stories of time-honoured heavy metal themes as written by Sean Peck. Focusing on original concepts to highlight three of the most revered and relentless voices in heavy metal.

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One look at The Three Tremors and it’s easy to think that this might be an idea that works better on paper. One listen though and you’ll likely to be head-banging away. It’s a slab of old-school metal backed up by a set of voices that rightfully can be called iconic. There might be a feeling that the album might be focused too much on vocals but they get the balance right mostly. Only on occasion are the vocals a little too dominant and high in the mix.

The Three Tremors aren’t looking to break the mold here and there really shouldn’t be any kind of expectation for anything ground-breaking. It’s an album of hyper heaviness and not much else but leaves a sense of satisfaction.

It’s the likes of Bullets for the Damned and Wrath of Asgard that make an early case for metal fan’s approval. While King of the Monsters stands out as one of the better moments thanks to some impressive guitar riffs.

It’s also really easy to fall in love with punchiness of Fly or Die, the fire of The Three Tremors really burning brightly here.

It does have one problem though and that is it is too long. By time we reach Lust of the Blade, it’s really beginning to sound stale and neither Speed to Burn or The Three Tremors makes the extension worthwhile.

Good album regardless though.

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The Three Tremors – The Three Tremors Full Track Listing:

1. Invaders From The Sky
2. Bullets For The Damned
3. When The Last Scream Fades
4. Wrath Of Asgard
5. The Cause
6. King Of The Monsters
7. The Pit Shows No Mercy
8. Sonic Suicide
9. Fly Or Die
10. Lust Of The Blade
11. Speed To Burn
12. The Three Tremors (Bonus Track)

You can order the album now via Pledge Music here and it will be available via all major stores and streaming services on release. Find out more and keep up to date with news by checking out The Three Tremors website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Three Tremors - The Three Tremors (Steel Cartel)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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