Album Review: Astrophobos – Malice Of Antiquity (Triumvirate Records)

Malice of Antiquity, the long awaited second album by Swedish black metal trio Astrophobos, is finally set for release on January 18th 2019 by Triumvirate Records.

With the release of their debut EP ‘Arcane Secrets’ in 2010, Astrophobos quickly made a name for themselves with their ferocious yet melodic style of black metal. Following up on their early success with the critically acclaimed full-length album ‘Remnants of Forgotten Horrors’ (2014) and the pummelling EP ‘Enthroned in Flesh’ (2016), Astrophobos are now back with their most varied and dynamic output to date.

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A more traditional style of black metal but with influences from death, Malice of Antiquity is a beast of an album with stomach churning heaviness. There is no half-arsing it here as Astrophobos deliver an album that has enough horridness to scare a nun while also being surprisingly catchy. Something that is often provided by the impressive vocals that are reminiscent of early Dimmu Borgir. It’s these that makes the opener double of Fire of Catharsis and Begotten in Black such malevolent listens.

It continues this consistency too with a mix of angry roughness (Abattoir for Flesh and Faith) mixed with infecting catchiness (The Summoning Call).

There is a little momentum loss in the latter part of the album as things begin to sound a little samey but it’s small complaints. Especially when we get such great bass hooks and guitar riffs as found on the excellent Until the Red of Dawn. A classy track on a very classy album…the black flame is still burning brightly.

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Astrophobos – Malice of Antiquity Full Track Listing:

1. Fire of Catharsis
2. Begotten in Black
3. Descending Shadows
4. Abattoir for Flesh and Faith
5. The Summoning Call
6. The Wolves Between the Stars
7. Until the Red of Dawn
8. The Nourishing Hate
9. Imperator Noctis



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp here and more information can be found via Astrophobos’ Facebook Page.

Astrophobos - Malice Of Antiquity (Triumvirate Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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