Band Interview – Goat Monsoon (Metal 2 the Masses Essex 2019)

Garage fuzz rockers (their words), Goat Monsoon will play in Heat One of Metal 2 the Masses Essex 2019. They face off against Parrilla, FyreSky, Collected and The Penny Antics on the 18th of January. The event takes place at The Soundhouse which is at The Bull, Colchester, CO3 3ES.

Each band will be giving their all to try to progress in the competition where the winner receives an amazing opportunity. A much coveted slot playing on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival, 2019. GBHBL are pleased to bring you a short interview with Collected to help introduce them to the metal masses.

Have a read, enjoy and make sure you get down to The Soundhouse on the 18th of January to give them some support.

Goat Monsoon

Interview with Goat Monsoon

Questions answered by Stu (bass)

1. Why Goat Monsoon? Where did the name come from?

Our former singer Chris came up with “Ghost Monsoon”, but I convinced him to change it. Goats are better. The name always attracts a certain amount of attention.

2. Tell us a little about Goat Monsoon. How long have you been playing together? Who is in the band? Where are you from? How did you meet?

We formed in 2012 with me (Stu) on Bass, Charlie on guitar, Ben on Drums, and Chris singing. During our first ever rehearsal, Ben switched to guitar and Chris became our drummer! So, our first couple of years were spent as an instrumental band. We released our “Blue” E.P. in 2014, but it featured singing, so we needed a proper drummer, so we got Lewis. A couple of years back we parted company with Chris, and called in Mike. The Goat Monsoon of today is the best it has ever sounded! Me and Mike come from Colchester and Lewis, Charlie and Ben live beside the seaside.

Goat Monsoon

3. What artists, metal or otherwise, have influenced you and your sound?

Our influences are wide and varied. Ben (guitar) is quite bluesy, Charlie loves the Sabbath and St. Vitus vibe, Lewis and Mike love the Pantera kind of thing, and I love black metal, New Wave and punk!

4. With so many genres and sub genres around these days, what genre would you put yourself in?

We tend to refer to ourselves as Garage Fuzz Rock, but we have no idea what that means! We’re a bit doom and stoner, with some Rock ‘N’ Roll thrown in. We have a motto actually, “No trends, just sweet heavy music”.

5. What will you bring to the Metal to the Masses heats? What can music lovers expect and how are you going to win their support on the night?

We’re gonna bring some cool riffs, heavy grooves and good songs. That should do the trick.

6. Any horror fans in the band? What are some of your favourite horror movies or books?

How long have you got for this question? Not sure about the rest of the guys, but I’m a MASSIVE horror fan! In fact, there’s not a lot that I DON’T know about the horror genre!
My main love is classic movies, Universal Monsters, Hammer, Amicus etc, and I’m fortunate enough to have many good friends who work within the horror scene. I have spent a good deal of time with many of my favourite actors, and Vincent Price’s daughter even conducted my wedding service last year!
My favourite movies include ‘Theatre of Blood’ (1973), ‘Dawn of the Dead’ (1978), ‘The Wicker Man’ (1973) …the list is actually endless!

Goat Monsoon

7. How about games? What’s your console or game of choice?

We’re more of a pipe and slippers kind of band!

8. Have you been to Bloodstock Festival before?

Ben, our lead guitarist, has been to a couple. He had waaay too much fun!

9. If yes, what is it you love most about the festival?

A good mix of bands and styles, and a cool vibe.

10. Where can fans check out your music, merch and find out more about you?

Our Facebook page is probably the best port of call, and we do have a new single out, and an ace video on You Tube. It’s called ‘I Was Here’, and it’s available on all the usual digital platforms, whatever that means…

11. Aside from hopefully playing Bloodstock Festival, what else do you have lined up for 2019? Any releases due or tours/gigs/festivals line up?

We definitely wanna do some more recording this year, and we’ll see what cool gigs we can get. We had the great privilege of supporting Paradise Lost and Crowbar last year, so anything like that would be great.

GBHBL would like to thank Goat Monsoon for taking the time to answer these questions and we wish them all the best in their heat at Metal 2 the Masses Essex. Find out more about Goat Monsoon at their Facebook page and check out some of their music on YouTube, here or via their Facebook shop here.

Importantly, get yourself down to the venue on the 18th of January and throw them some support.

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