Single Slam: Out for Blood by Sum 41 (Order In Decline)

The ups and downs of Sum 41 have been well chronicled so we’re not going to go into detail here. Let’s just say after years in obscurity dealing with personal and professional problems, the pop-punkers made a triumphant return with 2016’s 13 Voices. A more mature record, it showed exciting progression with the odd misstep as the band tried to recapture their pop-punk roots with a song or two. You can read our review here.

Sum 1

With the announcement that they would release their seventh studio album, Order in Decline on July 18th 2019, Sum 41 also released the first single from that album, Out for Blood.

Sum 2

If this track is anything like the album as a whole, we might be looking at the heaviest Sum 41 album ever. Out for Blood leans way more towards metal than anything else the band have done. Not in a tongue in cheek way that they would often do in the past but in a serious, fast-paced, soloing and head-banging way. It’s such a surprise but a really welcome one.

Fear not though, Sum 41 fans…it’s still them as Whibley’s vocals alternate between his recognisable pop-punk highs and faster-paced metal growls. A bit of synth and a traditionally catchy chorus keeps things rooted but when they let rip it might cause a few naysayers to change their minds!


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Out for Blood by Sum 41 (Order In Decline)
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