Single Slam – Omegalitheos by Eskhaton (Omegalitheos)

Australian death metal band Eskhaton have released the title track from their new album. That track, and album, is called Omegalitheos. The album will be released in early 2018 via Lavadome Productions and on Bandcamp.

Omegalitheos will be the Eskhaton’s 4th release following on from their debut in 2011 called Nihilgoety. That was succeeded by 2014’s Worship Death and then finally, their most recent release, 2016’s EP Devilment.

Eskhaton are Invokocide on vocals, guitars and bass with Whirlwindead also on guitars and/or bass. Finally, on drums we have Militiarkh on the drums. Militiarkh’s real name (no, that isn’t his real name) is Brandon Gawith. Brandon is a busy boy and also plays drums for Half the Sky, Varzhaw, Twin Suns and Wolves Tongues and, live drums for Hobbs’ Angel of Death.


Eskhaton describe themselves as “Psychotic Bestial Death Metal of absolute chaos and total death”. Sounds pleasant. Let’s check it out.

Omegalitheos is 4 minutes and 43 seconds long and isn’t for the faint hearted. A brutal, animalistic assault on the senses describes what I am hearing. Long, guttural growls and monstrous vocals are backed by insanely fast music. The drums are so fast and heavy, mixed with the speed riffing that it occasionally becomes just a wall of noise, slamming against me repeatedly. The bass is thick and heavy as it bashes your senses. I mean it in a positive way but this is the music that has those crazy religious folk out protesting against us. Well done. Eskhaton.

Importantly, on occasions the beating subsides just enough to allow a little groove into the riff or a little squeal of a guitar line. It is these moments that allow Omegalitheos to shine and shows what Eskhaton can do. They are important because without them it is just a brutal death metal assault. With them, it is a brutal death metal assault with some clever twists. Like a quick slap around the face while your gut gets pummelled. Something that makes you think,  I didn’t see that coming.

Omegalitheos is a good song. It certainly isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea because it is intense and extreme. Fans of Eskhaton and extreme metal will be pleased though. Psychotic, chaotic and a bloody good track even if my mind feels a little bruised now.

You can stream Omegalitheos over at Eskhaton’s Bandcamp page now here. You can also grab some merch and preorder the new album while you are there. Find out more about the band over at their Bandcamp page or on Facebook. Be sure to give them a like or follow while you are there.

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Omegalitheos by Eskhaton (Omegalitheos)
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