Album Review: EB and The Deadlights – Echoes Of A Dreamless Life (Self Released)

Shock rockers EB and the Deadlights return with their eagerly anticipated debut album, Echoes of A Dreamless Life, which is out on June 16th 2023.

Having spent time with EB and the Deadlight’s debut EP, Still See Ghosts, we have some idea of what we’re in for here. Yet, that was some time ago and the band has grown impressively since then. The proof being this debut record that is laden with all manner of classic shock rock shenanigans, but isn’t constrained by that tag. Venturing into punk, electronica, and alternative territories.

The end result is an album of interesting ideas with catchy groove, rhythms, and singalongs. In fact, it starts with one of the better ones in Endless Hope. The sinister introduction leading to an explosion of punk rock, and the chorus turning it into a bit of an anthem.

Elsewhere, the likes of Pain That I Need is an exciting ball of energy that will get a live-crowd shouting along. Heaven into Hell is an intriguing alt-rock twist on the EB and the Deadlights formula that wouldn’t seem out of place on a popular radio station. Art of Death offers up a dramatic and dark intro before transforming into a fierce punk and metal hit. All before Fatal Violence takes some of its cues from the darker world of electronica, while also being one of the heaviest tracks of all.

It really is an eclectic mix of ideas, all with one thing in common – memorability. It’s pretty obvious that Echoes of A Dreamless Life is going to be an attention grabber and help push EB and the Deadlights into the dreams and nightmares of many.

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EB and the Deadlights – Echoes of A Dreamless Life Track Listing:

1. Endless Hope
2. Falling Away
3. Pain That I Need
4. Heaven into Hell
5. Hollow Eyes
6. Art of Death
7. Kill Your Answers
8. Fatal Violence
9. Dreamless Life


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EB and The Deadlights - Echoes Of A Dreamless Life (Self Released)
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