Single Slam: Moments Gone by With Heavy Hearts

Swedish melodic death metallers, With Heavy Hearts have released a brand new single called Moments Gone with a portion of the singles proceeds going to charities that support healthcare workers.

Moments Gone came out on the 13th of June and is the band’s second single release this year, following the globally well received, In Silence. With Heavy Hearts formed in 2015 and immediately released their debut EP Sparks which we at GBHBL very much enjoyed. It set the band on an upward trajectory gaining further recognition from playing a load of shows around Sweden on bills with the likes of Scar Symmetry, Smash into Pieces and Sonic Syndicate. The band released their debut full length, The Mirror’s Principle in 2016 and it went down a storm with us again. A single called Lost followed in 2017 before the band took a bit of a break, to catch their breath, after such a frenetic start to the band’s career.

With Heavy Hearts are Adam Svensson on vocals, Emil Gustavsson on guitars, Magnus Källström on the bass and Pontus Lundstedt on drums.

2020 is the come back year for a rejuvenated With heavy Hearts. At a truly difficult time for all artists, they got off to flyer with In Silence and look to continue that trend with Moments Gone.

With Heavy Hearts Moments Gone

Speaking about the track, vocalist Adam Svensson explained how it came together:

“Emil (Gustavsson, guitarist) came to me with the song. He had the vision of creating this heavy song with a massive chorus, so I started writing the lyrics and then it was all done; this was back in like 2018. Then when we started recording it this year and the Covid-19 pandemic came we looked at the lyrics with new eyes. We could totally relate to this hard time in the words I wrote two years ago, so we decided to dedicate it to the healthcare workers. They do such amazing work! We will donate a portion of proceeds from the single to charities who support health workers.”

Moments Gone is around 3 and a half minutes long. The intro is really cool, jumping in almost immediately with a layered sound of crunching guitars and backing atmospherics. It catches you instantly and gets your head banging along almost right from the off. The drums are phenomenal too – they have some real power to them. The verse sees the pummelling riff tail away leaving echoed vocals over the backing track, just for a few bars. It works really well, acting as a foil for the incoming aggression as the riff jumps back in with powerfully growled vocals passionately roared over the top.

The song transitions between the machine like riffing and more introspective atmospheric backing throughout. The chorus is huge and clever and brings an, always impressive, harmonised vocal style. The precise stops and starts work really well too in a song that grabs you early on and rushes at you with wave after wave of intensity.

Moments Gone is really good. It took me a couple listens to really pick up the flow of the song but I think that is just because it is deceptively structured. At face value, it can be mistook for a simple track on a first listen. A standard heavy, soft, heavy layout with plenty of backing used to create atmosphere. The more you listen to it though, the more you get out of it. You start picking up little intricacies that show it to be a complex beast that is cleverly pieced together. Its a great listen and its awesome to see the new wave of melodic death metal living up to the standards of the greats of that famous Gothenburg sound.

Moments Gone is available on all the usual streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify, now.

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Moments Gone by With Heavy Hearts
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