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With Heavy Hearts have released a new single called Lost. There is no word yet on whether it is a stand alone or part of an album possibly coming this year. It would be quick if there is an album coming. Their last release was only last year. That was The Mirror’s Principle and I loved it. It even featured in my Top Ten of the year.

With Heavy Hearts are a melodic death metal band from Orebro in Sweden. The band consists of Adam Svensson on main vocals and Oscar Flaring on clean vocals and guitar. Emil Gustavsson is also on guitars and Magnus Källström is the bassist. The final member, on drums, is Pontus Lundstedt.

You can learn a bit more about With Heavy Hearts by reading our interview with the band.


On to the song though. Lost is a 3 minute track and while musically, it has similarities in style to previous releases, there does seem to be a definite switch in vocals. There are a lot more cleans here. That’s not a problem. It is quite common in melodic death metal anyway but also my favourite song by these guys is called Drifter. That was one of the few songs with clean vocals in the chorus. It’s brilliant.

Lost is a good song but unfortunately it doesn’t quite hit the level of songs like Drifter for me. The intro is a just a little bit too synth heavy. With Heavy Hearts do use a fair bit in their tracks anyway but this is a lot. Once it settles though, Adam comes in with his powerful vocals over a cool drum beat and the intro is quickly forgotten.

The verses have off beat sounding riffs which are interesting to listen to and the chorus is very catchy. The choruses in Lost are pretty different in style to previous tracks. They are mainly cleanly sung and the synth in the background makes them sound less heavy metal and more rock. Again that doesn’t stay too long before the roaring vocals and bass heavy riff pulls the song back into the realms of metal.

There is a great breakdown section with shouted vocals backed by almost spoken cleans which I absolutely love. The two vocal styles are perfectly matched when using the lower tones. Lost ends by moving back into the clean chorus until closing. Again, it is catchy. I like it. It was unexpected though and I wouldn’t mind hearing the synth turned down a notch and guitars turned up.

I think credit is deserved for showing a willingness to push their sound on a level here though. Something that doesn’t always happen in melodic death metal but needs to.

All in all Lost is a catchy song and is very easy to listen to. It is also the softest song I have heard from these guys. Nothing wrong with that at all. I like it. A little less synth and a louder guitar and I would have loved it.

Check out Lost for yourself right here. It is also available ont he usual streaming services now, such as Apple Music and Spotify. Why not check the band out on Facebook and Twitter too? That way you can keep up with news on future releases and learn more about the band.


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