Single Slam – Misery by Blink 182 (BMG)

Blink 182 have released a new single, called Misery. Misery will feature on their next release, which is a deluxe version of an older release, 2016’s California. The deluxe version is due for release on May 19th. That will be only just  over 10 months after the original version.

I must say I don’t agree with or understand releasing an album with a load of new tracks less than a year after it’s original release. I mean, surely, if you have 11 new tracks ready, why not just release another album? Why stick them on a rehash of California, an album that a fan will surely already have purchased.

Anyway, it is coming and will have an albums worth of new material added to it in 11 new tracks, an acoustic song and of course the original album and Travis explained it the following statement – “We just felt like making more music so we jumped back in the studio. It started out as three or four songs but we ended up with 12 that we were all excited about.”

So, Blink 182 have been through many changes and California is the first album they ever recorded without Tom Delonge on guitar and vocals. He was replaced with Matt Skiba. Matt is also the vocalist and guitarist for Alkaline Trio. Travis Parker and Mark Hoppus remain in the band though. There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between Tom and the band though, with Tom recently claiming – “It’s not like I permanently walked away. They have someone doing my job for me . It’s just that I’m so busy. If I wanted to, I could be back in a period of days.”


On to the single though, Misery. It is just under 4 minutes long and is a very welcome, darker song. Not quite in the vein of the excellent “I Miss You” but with a similar edge. It as a nice slow paced bass line over a gentle tapped drum rhythm. Mark sings lowly, in a deep voice until the prechorus hits. Here the pace picks up a little and the electric guitar becomes the lead instrument. Into the chorus where the pace jumps once more to a faster and catchy rhythm.
The second verse sees Mark start but hand over vocals to the higher toned Matt. It is a similar thing to what used to happen with Tom and works fine, though I don’t like Matt’s voice as much as I liked Toms. I also don’t think the two voices contrast enough now but it isn’t bad. Just not as good.
A repeat of the verse, prechorus and chorus comes though with the two singers supporting each other, which sounds very good. There is little instrumental section that leads into a fast section with a neat drum beat and a well sung vocal pattern before we return to the chorus which is repeated until the end.
I don’t like an awful lot of Blink 182’s music. I never really have. Their darker stuff is pretty cool though and I think songs like “I Miss You” and “Stay Together for the Kids” are fantastic. The stand out moment of I Miss You though is Tom’s voice “Where are you, and I’m so sorry”.  It isn’t just that Tom was a solid singer, he was the perfect contrast for Mark. Matt isn’t but he is very decent.
Misery is now one of the songs I will put down in that bracket of darker Blink 182 songs that I really like. It’s catchy and has great lyrics. The bass lines in the verse are great, the heavier guitars that come in as the song builds work well and the drumming is steady, while not spectacular.
Fair play Blink 182, Misery is a very good song. I didn’t expect it to be. I thought they’d had their day. A few more like this and I will stand completely corrected.
Check it out for yourself here. If you like it, and want to preorder the deluxe version of California, you can do so from here. Keep up with Blink 182 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or their own website.
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