Video Premiere: Pyramido – Fänrik Källback sägner

Sweden’s Pyramido shares a music video for ”Fänrik Källback sägner”. The track is featured on the band’s latest, fifth studio album ”Fem”, released on The Sign Records in September 2019.

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Being one of the shortest and fastest songs Pyramido has ever written, the lyrics to ”Fänrik Källback sägner” tackles the issue of bullying. Dan Widing comments the track and video:

The material for the video” Fänrik Källback sägner” is shot in Pyramidos rehearsal space in Malmö, Sweden and from a couple of live shows (remember those times you could watch a band perform LIVE?) we did at the venue Babel in Malmö and foo tage from Mejeriet, Lund as we were invited as special guests and opener for Totalt Jävla Mörker for one of their last shows. The lyrics is about is about being bullied and what it does with your self-esteem. NEVER to give up!!

About Pyramido

Pyramido was formed in the southern Swedish city of Malmö in 2006. Five different individuals getting together, sharing a common passion for heavy, distorted and slowed down music. Suddenly these people seem to be getting together every week. Songs are starting to take shape and these five are slowly transforming into a musical being. With a new name, Pyramido, they are now a band with dreams of touring and releasing music. Since then this collective of friends have released five full-length records, a number of EP’s and played every dark and damp squat of Europe you might imagine existing.

In the early days of Pyramido’s existence the band played a generic take on sludge/doom metal with influences too obvious to mention. Over the years, Pyramido has steadily evolved, eventually becoming the more diverse and not so anxious band you see today. This transformation started to show on the bands third record ”Saga”, to make a more permanent mark on the 2016 follow up ”Vatten”, on which the influences from the band members combined passion for music of all kind started to make its way into Pyramido’s (cr)rusty soundscape.

With Pyramido you get honest, soulful, yet aggressive and crushingly heavy music with strong roots in DIY-culture and lyrics dealing with the struggles of everyday life and a desperate hope for social change. A somewhat heavy-hearted and melodic sludge metal/hardcore attack, once perfectly described as ”…a warm hug rather than a punch in the face”.

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Pyramido are:

Ronnie Källback
Henrik Wendel
Dan Widing
Viktor Forss
Dan Hedlund


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