Single Slam – Inferno by Amaranthe (Helix)

Amaranthe have released the third single, Inferno, from their upcoming album Helix. Helix is due for release on the 19th of October via Spinefarm/Universal.

Helix will be the Swedish melodic/symphonic metal band’s 5th full length studio album. It follows 2016’s Maximalism. Amaranthe have been around since around 2008 and are 6 members strong. They are well known and popular, having a style that crosses genres comfortably. They are also well known for having three lead singers with different styles creating a unique and diverse, layered sound.


Amaranthe are Olof Mörck on guitars, keys and synth. Elize Ryd provides the female clean vocals while Nils Molin provides the male clean vocals. Unclean vocals come from Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson. Johan Andreasson is on the bass and Morten Løwe Sørensen is on the drums.

Helix is quite a short song, at just over 3 minutes and it quite pop like in parts. There is a decent intro that sees synth give way to a chugging riff and melodic lead guitar line. The verses are sung well and there is a decent drum led rhythm to it all. I particularly like how they switch from the clean female vocals to the unclean male vocals. I have always been a fan of that mix of vocals and Amaranthe are masters of it. The heavy part of the verse is brilliant actually. A real headbanging riff and crashes of drums get the blood flowing. Then the chorus happens and it is a real problem for me. It is sung well, the mixed vocals are great. The music is solid but fuck me if it doesn’t sound identical to Ed Sheeran’s The Shape of You.

Heavier, yes, but identical. I am in no way suggesting Amaranthe have copied the ginger crooner. With so much music in the world, things inevitably sound the same sometimes. But, if you have been unfortunate enough to be plagued by Sheeran’s song, you can’t unhear it and it kills the chorus of Inferno for me. It is such a shame as there follows another strong second verse, a decent little crunchy breakdown and a soaring solo. All that though is interjected by the chorus that makes me cringe. It is disappointing, and in no way Amaranthe’s fault. It just really kills an otherwise good song for me.

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I hope, but can’t see how, you may have avoided The Shape of You somehow. If you have you will probably enjoy this song immensely. If you haven’t though, and hear what I hear, it is really hard to get passed the chorus. Positives though are a well sung, well played song with a great mix of vocals and catchy rhythms.

You can grab a copy of Inferno on all the usual streaming services now, like Apple Music and Spotify. Preorder Helix from the record label here. Find out more about Amaranthe at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Inferno by Amaranthe (Helix)
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