Album Review: Wills Dissolve – The Heavens Are Not On Fire (Self Released)

Influenced by bands such as Opeth, Isis, Ihsahn, and Ahab, Wills Dissolve was formed in late 2015 by guitarist/vocalists Nick Block and Andrew Caruana, who have been writing and performing together since 2007. They were joined shortly by bassist Shaun Weller, a road hardened punk and doom player. Drummer Branson Heinz rounded out the lineup, bringing his black metal influenced brand of speed into the fold.

Their debut album ‘The Heavens Are Not On Fire’, due October 26th 2018, is a meditation on religion, violence, and cosmic chaos.

Wills Dissolve 2

Methodical in its delivery but combining a wide array of metal influences, The Heavens Are Not on Fire brings devilish heaviness to the forefront of Wills Dissolve’s new album. The opener, the title track, is melodic and heavy, introspective and melancholy, dark filled but airy and delightfully appealing.

The first four of the five tracks are huge numbers, each delivering incredible amounts of heaviness, light rhythm, complex riffs and booming doom. As listenable as it is challenging thanks to its tempo switches and vocal changes, So Do Not Mistake These Ashes is an incredibly diverse track.

For Signs From on High has a different approach, in that it leans towards a burning fire of heavy doom. The booming beat is delectable in how rhythmic it is and even when it switches to a cleaner, more melodic style it still has a massive amount of impact. It is this softer style that flows perfectly into On This Cold November Night. Better seen as the final track, it doesn’t disappoint.

11-13-1833 closes out the album but it is the shortest track (just over 3 minutes) and just a melodic outro. Nice enough but not a reflection on the overall quality of the album.

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Wills Dissolve – The Heavens Are Not On Fire Full Track Listing:

1. The Heavens Are Not On Fire
2. So Do Not Mistake These Ashes
3. For Signs From On High
4. On This Cold November Night
5. 11-13-1833



You can order the album now over on Bandcamp and find out more about Wills Dissolve on Facebook.

Wills Dissolve - The Heavens Are Not On Fire (Self Released)
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