Single Slam: For a Little Eye Candy by Jon Tessier

Jon Tessier is a Brazilian-French singer-songwriter & music producer who was born in São José Do Rio Preto (Brazil). Equally passionate about music production and songwriting, he began his musical elopement at the age of 14. Jon spent childhood and most of his teenage years in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), a time during which he played in several independent rock bands. However over the last 3 years, he’s been working on his music from Ibiza (Spain) and Paris (France).

Jon Tessier is a solo artist, who’s musical style can be described as guitar driven pop music with an alternative-rock edge. For a Little Eye Candy is his new single out now.

Jon Tessier has a lovely voice, a really sultry and sweet voice which when mixed with the catchy pop rock sound of his new single, For a Little Eye Candy results in a pretty good track. Every bit a foot tapper, the acoustic guitar strums and finger-snapping beat will really appeal to those who like a dance in their rock.

The main draw his his voice though and the later use of electric guitar helps put this firmly in the rock department. Exciting and with great energy, For a Little Eye Candy will quickly make its home in your head. You’ll be humming it for hours afterwards as I was.

For a Little Eye Candy as well as all Jon’s other releases are available via all major streaming and digital services. You can find out much more by going to his website.

Single Slam: For a Little Eye Candy by Jon Tessier
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