Album Review – Norwegian Fairytales by TrollfesT (NoiseArt Records)

Norwegian folk metal band, TrollfesT have released their latest effort, called Norwegian Fairytales, on the 18th of January via NoiseArt Records.

The fun loving, slightly nuts, Norwegian folk band, TrollfesT utilise old Norwegian Fairytales as a concept on their latest album. Imaginatively called Norwegian Fairytales. TrollfesT have been around for a while, forming in 2003 and have 8 full lengths including this one under their belt. TrollfesT are 7 members strong. They are Trollmannen, on vocals and Mr. Seidel and Dr.Leif Kjønnsfleis on guitars. Trollbank is on drums and Drekka Dag is on the saxophone. Lodd Bolt is the bassist and Fjernkontrollet is on accordion.

Norwegian Fairytales

Norwegian Fairytales is 11 tracks, or 42 minutes long and it’s not great, to be completely honest. I am a fan of folk, very much so actually. I know when and when not to take it too seriously. The big thing for me is that it has to be catchy. It has to hook you in but Norwegian Fairytales has as many misses as hits. Maybe more. Often it comes across as repetitive and gimmicky instead of fun and exhilarating. There are good songs on here though. Draugen is strong and has less of the gimmicks. It has a lot of bass and aside from a silly child’s laugh at the beginning, it settles into a track with a good riff and loads of catchy melodies. Another decent one is Kjettaren mot strømmen. This one has a really good pace, lots of backing vocals, meaty drums and a really banging riff tied in with the folk melody.

Espen Bin Askeladden is similar with great riffs, catchy melody and a solid, floor stomping pace. Deildegasten has some merit, especially in the drums department despite a confused sounding heavy riff mixed with a gentle melody that doesn’t quite fit each other. Other tracks have moments. The big 8 minute closer, Nøkken og Fossegrimen spiller opp til midnattstimen, has sections I like with a some good riffing or drum blasts but lacks anything standout. I have more fun trying to pronounce the name of the song than listening to it though. It lacks any real substance and is too long for a song that has so little depth. The chunky, bassy riff in the middle of Småfolkets store bragder is cool. Byttingenes Byttehandel has a good intro and verse riff before falling away into predictability.

Outside of those there are some really bad ones here too. I passionately dislike the album opener, Fjøsnissens Fjaseri. The first singing intro which repeats as the chorus is horrid. It makes me shudder thinking about it. Trine Reinlender is a 1 minute 20 second instrumental which is just some carnival waltz music. Another check against the list of gimmicks you must include. Fanden Flyr has really odd female vocals in the intro. I like them in the verse but otherwise the song descends into forgettable rapidly.

Norwegian Tales is predictable more so than anything else. Expect the expected. There are song here I enjoy though it is the sort of music that works a lot better with a beer in your hand and a few in your belly so you can jig about. I am struggling to get into this sitting on a train heading to work. There is little fresh or new about anything on Norwegian Fairytales though. When it catches, it’s great, like the songs listed above, but it doesn’t always or often. That leaves the album almost split down the middle between good and bad. A lot of the songs end up blending into one too which doesn’t help. Having that same folk bounce and heavy riff, in a verse chorus verse structure leaves much of it sounding quite similar. While I like some songs on here, I am not a fan of the album as a whole. It lacks something for me and that is a real shame as I want to love it but just don’t.

Norwegian Fairytales is out now on all the usual streaming services. You can grab a physical or digital copy from NoiseArt here. Find out more about TrollfesT at their website, on Twitter and on Facebook by following the links. You can also catch TrollfesT Live supporting Turisas and Korpiklaani in London on the 25th of February. Grab tickets for that here.

Norwegian Fairytales


Norwegian Fairytales by TrollfesT (NoiseArt Records)
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