Single Slam: Erase:Me by NO:IR

NO:IR is an alternative metal five-piece whose engrossing live performance, unique blend of rap and metal, and addictive sound has led to them being touted as a UK band to watch.

Having released their debut single ‘Hive’ back in July (read our review of that here), the five-piece return with their second single, Erase:Me. Due to be released on November 30th 2019.

Erase:Me conveys ideas of fighting with yourself, questioning reality, and the bands personal struggles with addiction and mental health. The song is dispute and conflict, the constant battle between heavy and soft, light and dark, wrong or right.

A bit different to Hive, Erase:Me is darkly mellow at first. The soft crooning of the vocals get lit up suddenly with an impactful hit of heaviness. Everything getting that bit more powerful with some real groove to the guitars coming out to play.

“Save me from my fucking demons”

A passionate performance from the NO:IR, the rap-style verses convey frustration and a realistic take on metal health issues. This isn’t a track to necessarily make you ‘feel good’ but it will certainly have impact. The roars and screams in the latter part of the song really getting across what NO:IR are trying to say here.

Another grand track from a band with a very bright future. It’s way darker then Hive but that’s no bad thing as we really see that NO:IR are capable of more.


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Erase:Me by NO:IR
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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